Characters of Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi

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To be filled. Too many x_x
To be filled. Too many x_x
[[Category: Characters of Fire Emblem 6|*]]
[[Category: Characters of Fire Emblem 6| Full Character List]]
[[Category: Fire Emblem 6]]
[[Category: Fire Emblem 6]]
[[Category: Characters]]
[[Category: Characters]]

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List of Characters in FE6.


[edit] Playable (by join order)

[edit] Prologue ~ Chapter 9

[edit] Chapter 10 ~ 11 (Route A)

[edit] Chapter 10 ~ 11 (Route B)

[edit] Chapter 12 ~ 16x

[edit] Chapter 17 ~ 20 (Ilia)

[edit] Chapter 17 ~ 20 (Sacae)

[edit] Chapter 21 ~ Final

[edit] Enemy Characters

[edit] Major Antagonists

[edit] Minor Antagonists

See Bosses of Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi.

[edit] Major Non-Playable Characters

[edit] Minor Non-Playable Characters

To be filled. Too many x_x

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