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This article is about Anima magic users. For mages who use Light and Dark magic, please see Light Mage and Dark Mage respectively.

Mages are lightly-armoured fighters who use can bypass physical defenses of opponents with Anima magic. They made their debut in Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Ken and have traditionally appeared in every game since.

Mages, along with other magic users, tend to have low physical scores, but high Magic, Speed and Resistance. In certain games, Mages have been split into three categories; Fire Mages, Thunder Mages, and Wind Mages, who specialise in their namesake magic types.


[edit] Class Information

[edit] Usable Weapon Types

All games: Anima magic

[edit] Class Change

FE1, FE3: Bishop
FE2: Sage (Male), Priestess (Female)
FE4: Mage Knight or Magefighter (character-dependant)
FE5: Sage or Mage Knight (character-dependant)
FE6, FE7, FE9, FE10, FEDS: Sage
FE8: Sage or Mage Knight

[edit] Characters who start with this Class

FE1: Marich, Linda
FE3: Marich, Linda, Yubello, Ellerean
FE4: Azel, Tiltyu, Arthur, Tinny, Amid, Linda 
FE5: Asvel, Miranda
FE6: Lugh, Lilina, Hugh
FE7: Erk, Nino
FE8: Lute
FE9: Soren, Ilyana, Tormod
FE10: None
FEDS: Marich, Linda

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