Dorcas as he appears in
Fire Emblem
Name Dorcas
Game Fire Emblem
Age 30s
Race Human
Home Country Bern
Class Fighter
Level 3
Affinity AffinFire.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Natalie (wife)
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}

Dorcas is an axefighter from Bern. He once worked for bandits in order to earn money to buy medicine for his wife Natalie, despite being ashamed of doing such a thing. He joins Lyn's army in order to repay her for saving Natalie from the bandit group he was working for. He is later hired by Eliwood's company alongside his friend Bartre, as one of Eliwood's escorts.

[edit] FE7 Growths

  • Health (80%)
  • Power (60%)
  • Skill (40%)
  • Speed (20%)
  • Luck (45%)
  • Defense (25%)
  • Resistance (15%)
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