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The following is the transcript for Kent and Wallace's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Wallace!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Kent.
KentFE7Chibi.gif It is an honor to serve with you again! Where have you travelled since we parted last year? We didn't know where you had gone, and Lady Lyndis became rather worried.
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Hm? Oh, er... Yes, well... I just...wandered about. I felt that I had lost some of my former strength, so I tried to train myself back into shape.
KentFE7Chibi.gif I see...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif And you... Have you kept up your training?
KentFE7Chibi.gif Rest assured. I train hard every day.
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Lady Lyndis seems to have settled into her new role nicely. She has acquired the air of a noblewoman.
KentFE7Chibi.gif Yes, she truly is... a remarkable person.
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif I had not seen her in a long time... But she looks more like Lady Madelyn every day...
KentFE7Chibi.gif Now that you mention it... When Lady Madelyn eloped 17 years ago, you were already in the knight brigade, weren't you?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Yes. I knew both Lady Madelyn and Hassar.
KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Hassar... Lady Lyndis's father?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Yes. He was my good friend. He was tight-lipped like all men of Sacae, but... He had the same deep, honest eyes as Lady Lyndis.

[edit] B Level

KentFE7Chibi.gif When Lady Lyndis's parents eloped, I heard that Lord Hausen became terribly angry...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Yes. He was usually warm and kind, but his demeanor changed entirely when it came to Lady Madelyn's welfare. I was ordered to bring them both back. I was told to resort to force against Hassar if he resisted.
KentFE7Chibi.gif That is quite a shock... I cannot imagine such an order from our kind lord now...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif I accepted my orders and set out to find them... Lady Madelyn was not accustomed to hard travel, and I found them soon... But I could not take them.
KentFE7Chibi.gif Why is that?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif They both said the same thing. Each said, "I am to blame. Do not harm the other."
KentFE7Chibi.gif ......
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif In the end, I closed my eyes and let them cross the border... I told the marquess that they eluded me.
KentFE7Chibi.gif You disobeyed an order from your liege?!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif ...Yes, and I spent six months in the dungeon for it... Considering his anger at the time, he was probably being lenient with me.
KentFE7Chibi.gif But why did you do it? I can certainly understand it must have been a hard order to follow, but... to disobey your lord is unthinkable for a knight...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif So it is. But what would you have done? Would you have dragged Lady Madelyn back to the castle, ending their chance for love? She might have taken her own life if faced with such grief. And Lady Lyndis would never have been born...
KentFE7Chibi.gif No...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif When the marquess fell ill last year, Lundgren seized power in Caelin. What would you have done then? Would you have served Lundgren because you had sworn fealty to Caelin?
KentFE7Chibi.gif ......
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif For knights in the service of a lord, an order is absolute. But a knight does not follow orders blindly. before obeying, a knight should always consider whether the order serves the lord who gives it.

[edit] A Level

KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Wallace!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Ahh, Kent! I have been watching you in battle. You seem to have improved greatly.
KentFE7Chibi.gif It is all thanks to your training, Lord Wallace! By the way, m'lord...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Yes?
KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Hausen thanked you after the fact, did he not? So your disobedience was in fact...prudent. I do not know how I could follow such an example... I have long believed that a knight owed blind obedience to his lord... However... I... How do you know? How do you know what your loyalty truly requires of you?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Kent. You must decide for yourself.
KentFE7Chibi.gif I must decide...? But...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif My disobedience was actually in setting out to do the thing I knew was wrong. I knew this before I even set out to recover Lady Madelyn. Loyalty to one's lord is like love itself. So long as you keep the love of your lord in your heart, your loyalty never truly wavers. Wouldn't you agree?
KentFE7Chibi.gif Yes... Certainly, it is as you say. Thank you, Lord Wallace. I still have so much to learn from you. Please, continue to instruct me always...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Bahahahahaha!! Of course! I'm not going back into retirement now! I can't let you young pups take all of the glory! Now, back to the battle! Follow me, Kent!
KentFE7Chibi.gif Aye!
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