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Jehanna is one of the 6 nations in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is located in the desert, southwest of Rausten and northeast of Grado. In the game, Jehanna is ruled by Ismaire, the "Queen of White Dunes". She is betrayed by the head of Jehanna's army, Carlyle, which leads to her death and the destruction of Jehanna's Sacred Stone. She is succeeded by her son, Joshua, who returns home to claim his royal title as the new king of Jehanna.


[edit] Sacred Twins

The first Sacred Twin of Jehanna is the Ice Blade, Audhulma, and the Anima tome Excalibur, which gives their wielders a boost in Resistance and Speed respectively.

[edit] Characters from Jehanna

[edit] Royal Family

[edit] Jehanna Military

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