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Fire Emblem World
Name L'Arachel
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age 10s
Race Human
Home Country Rausten
Class Troubadour
Level 3
Affinity AffinLight.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Mansel (uncle)
Allegiance {{{allegiance}}}

L'ArachelFE8Chibi.gif L'Arachel is the princess of the theocracy of Rausten and niece to their ruler, Mansel. L'Arachel is first seen in chapter four, Ancient Horrors, as a righteous troubadour seeking to rid the world of evil. Her reasons behind leaving her country under a false identity, explained by L'Arachel, was to bring justice and divine right throughout Magvel. Her reasons stem from self fame, as well, and follow in the path of her parents who died doing the same thing. L'Arachel's true identity of princess of Rausten is not aware until Hamill Canyon when Rausten Soldiers come to their rescue and confront L'Arachel about her divine mission. L'Arachel then serves as a very important character, serving Eirika and Ephraim in their times of need and bringing the attention of Vigarde's plans to Rausten, possibly saving Magvel from falling under the Demon King's power. Thus, despite her egotistical attitude and what appears to be selfishness, L'Arachel cares deeply for her new friends and creates a bond between the nations in doing so.

Upon the end of the game, she will marry either Innes or Ephraim, given she has an A Bond with one of them and succeeds her uncle as the queen of Rausten.

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