Laguz and Beorc

Laguz and Beorc
Laguz and Beorc.jpg
Part 3, Chapter 1 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Rout within 12 turns
defeat Ike dies or you reach turn 12
units Allowed All
units Gained None; new allied unit Lyre
boss Rommit
preceding chapter The Great Advance
succeeding chapter Storm Clouds

The Laguz Alliance sacks Flaguerre with ease and sets off immediately for Mugill. The fortresses of Flaguerre and Mugill are both key to the defense of western Begnion and have figured for many years in the military plans of Gallia, Crimea, and Daein. The fortress of Mugill is well defended by thick walls and countless blades. However, the Laguz Alliance knows that, if they are to win this war, Mugill must fall. Ike and his companions march on, though thoughts of the medallion and the dark god entombed within fill their hearts with dread.

The Greil Mercenaries strategically have Mist and a concealed Lethe feed the soldiers of Mugill enough food to hastily put them asleep, allowing the Greil Mercenaries easy access into the city. Ike plans to take down the remaining soldiers within the city walls, open the gates and have the rest of the Gallian Army invade while the city is still sleeping. This way, the Laguz won't be ambushed from the city's wall with magic and arrows.


[edit] Script

Laguz and Beorc/Script
Laguz and Beorc/Base Conversations

[edit] Base

[edit] Info

  • Base: (*)
  • Kitten Smitten: (*)
  • Challenging: (*)

[edit] Bargains

The shop is not available in this chapter.

[edit] Items

  • Blue Gem (Village)
  • Seraph Robe (Oscar, Rolf and Boyd can not obtain this item, but will be in a base conversation if they visit this house in the next chapter.)
  • Torch (Hidden treasure)
  • Coin (Hidden treasure)

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Halberdier
Level 9
HP 40
Strength 22
Magic 10
Skill 23
Speed 21
Luck 7
Defense 20
Resistance 15
Move 7
Constitution 12
Weight 18
Weapon Mastery Lance - B

[edit] Reinforcements

This chapter is covered in darkness and will conceal most reinforcements that arrive, making the location difficult to target.

[edit] New Units

  • You will receive no new units this chapter, but you will see Lyre, Lethe's younger sister, for the first time in combat during this chapter. She will be a friendly unit and unable to actually control, but she will be fighting alongside the Greil Mercenaries.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear: (easy/normal: 2000), (hard: 1000)
  • In 10 Turns: (easy/normal: 1000), (hard: 500)

[edit] Strategy

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