Nino as she appears in
Fire Emblem
Name Nino
Game Fire Emblem
Age 14
Race Human
Home Country Lycia, Bern
Class Mage
Level 5
Affinity AffinFire.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Brendan Reed (step-father),
Sonia (adopted mother),
Lloyd Reed (step-brother),
Linus Reed (step-brother),
Canas (uncle, implied),
Iris (biological mother),
Lugh (son),
Ray (son)
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Nino (ニノ Nino) is a minor playable character in Fire Emblem, who is introduced as Sonia's daughter. After failing to assassinate Prince Zephiel of Bern, she and Jaffar are attacked by Ursula. She joins Eliwood's group after he intervenes and defeats Ursula.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

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Nino, as a young child, was once the daughter of a family of mages, who were killed by Nergal and Sonia for their knowledge of dragons. Nergal, however, decided to spare Nino and ordered Sonia to raise her as her own daughter, in expectation that she may be useful. Although Sonia resented her new daughter and treated her coldly, Nino grew attached to Sonia and was always trying to earn her love and respect.

When Sonia successfully infiltrated the Black Fang through marrying its leader, Brendan Reed, Nino became very close to her new father and step-siblings, Lloyd Reed and Linus Reed. Throughout her time in the Black Fang, she forges a close bond with other members such as Legault and Jaffar.

During her a mission to assassinate Prince Zephiel, she overhears him praying for his parents to be happy and for him to earn his father's respect. Sympathizing with him, she abandons her mission, and along with Jaffar, defect from the Black Fang.

Sometime after the events of Fire Emblem, she is fleeing from bounty hunters who are targetting former Black Fang members. This leaves her to leave her two children, Lugh and Ray in the care of an orphanage.

[edit] Base Stats

MHP: 19/60
MGC:  7/20
SKL:  8/20
SPD: 11/20
DEF:  4/20
RES:  7/20
LUK: 10/30
MOV:  5/15
CON:  3/20
AID: 2
Level: 5
Class: Mage -> Sage
Affinity: Fire
Equipment: Elfire, Elixir

[edit] Growth Rates

MHP: 55%
STR: 50%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 60%
DEF: 15%
RES: 50%
LUK: 45%

[edit] Supports

Character Affinity Turns taken Support Bonuses per Level
C B A POW Def Hit Eva Crit Crit Eva
JaffarFE7Chibi.gif AffinIce.gif 19 46 73 0.5 0.5 5 5 2.5 2.5 Transcript
ErkFE7Chibi.gif AffinThunder.gif 27 54 81 0.5 0.5 2.5 5 5 2.5 Transcript
CanasFE7Chibi.gif AffinNature.gif 27 54 81 1 0.5 5 5 2.5 0 Transcript
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif AffinFire.gif 27 54 81 1 0 5 5 5 0 Transcript
LegaultFE7Chibi.gif AffinIce.gif 41 81 121 0.5 0.5 5 5 2.5 2.5 Transcript
FlorinaFE7Chibi.gif AffinLight.gif 41 81 121 1 0.5 5 2.5 5 0 Transcript
MerlinusFE7Chibi.gif AffinDark.gif 41 81 121 0.5 0 5 5 5 2.5 Transcript

[edit] Recruiting

In Eliwood's Mode, she will be recruited if spoken to by Eliwood or Lyn in Chapter 26.
In Hector's Mode, she will be recruited if spoken to by Hector or Lyn in Chapter 28.

[edit] Death Quotes

Nino: Am I... Am I going to die?
Lyn: Nino!
Lyn: Nino! You're conscious! That's a relief.
Nino: Oooh... Yes... I... Ouch!
Lyn: Don't move. You'll only make it worse. You need to make sure you let that heal. Do you understand? 
Nino: I'm truly sorry... I've been useless.
Lyn: I never want to hear you say that again. Nino, you are in no way useless. You are very important to us all, do you understand?

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