Sage's are generally the promoted versions of mages. These units all contain the ability to wield magic, but can also wield other items depending on which game that you're playing.

In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, mages are able to wield both Anima and also Light magic. This said, there are also variations like the Mage Knight and Valkyrie.

In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, mages are allowed to choose whether they want to learn how to use a knife, or if they would rather learn how to use staves.

Without a mage, your team isn't complete. Despite their low defense, these units are immensely important to your team, and can bring victories much easier then without.

[edit] Strengths and Weaknesses

Mages tend to dominate Knights and Laguz. They're allowed to strike from both near and afar, so they're never not allowed to strike back. When it comes to knights and other slow moving units with low resistance, mages can strike a huge vulnerable spot in the enemy. They're not only able to attack without being countered (if they're attacking a one ranged unit when they're a 1-2), they can make a huge wound in that enemy. With Laguz, it's the same. If the laguz isn't in its transformed self, then your mage will most likely take the enemy down in one or two hits. Fire harms beast laguz, wind harms bird laguz, and thunder harms dragon laguz.

However, these mages aren't perfect. Their defense is almost always way to low, and if they're hit by a strong force, they're most likely dead. With the right skills and level, this can be avoided, but keep in mind that they're not meant to be the center of attention. Keep them back, and away from harm.

[edit] Important Mages

Erk, Lute, Tormod, etc. These are just few important mages, and there are several more that are both important on the battle field, but also the story.

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