Sedgar's Official Artwork

Name Hardin
Recruitment Sedgar will join you automatically along with Roshea, Vyland, Wolf and Hardin in Chapter 5.
Other information Sedgar is often considered to be the best character in the game.
Starting Class Horseman


[edit] Sedgar: Broken Character Is Broken

You know how Wolf, a seemingly voiceless prepromote with horrible bases recruited in a huge party, turns out to be one of the best units in the game? Sedgar comes in that same party, and he's even better. He joins Marth’s party early on in the game, and he’s already promoted. He will start out as a Horseman, but if you want to maximize his contribution to the team then you should class swap him into anything else that's not a Sorcerer. Being able to join so early on in the game doesn’t create any leveling problems, so it’s recommended that you use him in your final group of 15. On the other hand, trying to train him in the arena is a nightmare. Seriously, Cain and Abel do better in there than this guy, because he starts off so underpowered for a promoted unit. Baby him, though, and you will receive a character with a skill set beyond your wildest dreams.

[edit] Strengths and Talents

"Hey!" you think. "This is just another mute prepromote who I shouldn't use!" you say. You have no idea how wrong you are. Despite starting out with ridiculously low stats, his growth rates are sky high. You can consider Sedgar the exact opposite of Jagen, who starts out as a great Paladin and ends up being the second weakest character in the game after Bantu-- Sedgar is reminiscent of Ross in FE8. It can be pretty interesting to train him as a berserker or warrior and then reclass him into a hero when he's level 20, as this will give him a boost in strength without significantly compromising his other stat growths. Sedgar’s freaking unfair stat growths allow him to be just as strong as enemies on H5 mode. Not only is he great for story game play, but he’s a solid character for a Wi-Fi team. Don’t let him die.

[edit] Sedgar's Growths

Note: These numerical values are for when Sedgar is in his default class, Horseman.

Hit Points 160% chance of increasing on level up
Strength 80% chance of increasing on level up
Magic 0% chance of increasing on level up
Skill 95% chance of increasing on level up
Speed 85% chance of increasing on level up
Luck 30% chance of increasing on level up
Defense 85% chance of increasing on level up
Resistance 0% chance of increasing on level up

[edit] Sedgar's Starting Stats

Level 1
HP 20
Strength 6
Magic 1
Skill 6
Speed 7
Luck 2
Defense 6
Resistance 2
Weapon Level Sword E, Bow D

[edit] Sedgar’s Average Stats at ??/20

Hp Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
Berserker 60.0 ±5.7 25.8 ±0.5 0.0 ±0.0 20.1 ±1.4 19.5 ±3.2 7.7 ±3.2 21.2 ±2.3 0.0 ±0.0
General 60.0 ±5.7 22.3 ±2.9 1.0 ±0.0 22.0 ±0.5 14.6 ±3.5 7.7 ±3.2 30.0 ±1.0 2.0 ±0.0
Hero 56.0 ±5.7 21.2 ±2.9 1.0 ±0.0 29.9 ±1.6 25.4 ±1.4 7.7 ±3.2 23.1 ±2.0 2.0 ±0.0
Horseman 50.4 ±5.2 21.2 ±2.6 1.0 ±0.0 24.1 ±1.4 23.2 ±2.3 7.7 ±3.2 21.9 ±1.7 2.0 ±0.0
Sorcerer 48.8 ±4.6 10.9 ±3.2 7.5 ±2.9 21.0 ±0.5 18.3 ±2.6 7.7 ±3.2 16.5 ±2.9 8.6 ±2.6
Warrior 60.0 ±5.7 25.8 ±0.5 0.0 ±0.0 20.1 ±1.4 20.4 ±2.9 7.7 ±3.2 20.3 ±2.6 0.0 ±0.0
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