Speed is one of the statistics used in Fire Emblem games, which measures a character's swiftness in combat. A high Speed rating will affect a character's ability to evade enemy attacks, and their chances to Double Attacking their opponents.

The higher the hit percentage for the enemy, the more likely they will hit you. On the contrary, if they have a low hit percentage, then the enemy will have less of a chance landing a hit on you. What your speed does is that it affects how high or how low that hit percentage is. For example, the hit percentage of a hero would be 80% when your speed is 10. Now, your speed is at 20 and you face that hero again. The hero's hit percentage would be lower, at about 60-65%.

Double attacking is when a character attacks the opponent more than once. This happens when your character's speed is greater than the opponents speed by at least 4 points. The type of weapon also matters. If the weight of a weapon is greater than your constitution, each point greater than your constitution will reduce your speed. So if your constitution is 10, your speed is at 20, and the weight of your weapon is 15, you will lose 5 speed points. Now when you have that same constitution and that same weight and speed and go against a myrmidon that has a speed of 19, you will only attack once while the enemy myrmidon will attack twice. This is because your character's new speed is 15 while the myrmidon's speed is 19.

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