A Faint Light

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A Faint Light
A Faint Light.jpg
Part 1, Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Easy Mode: Defeat Boss; Normal/Hard Mode: Escape
defeat any units die
units Allowed All Units
units Gained Two; Ilyana and Aran (reinforcement; talk to him with Laura)
boss Burton

"Sorry it took so long to get here... Let's get out of here before the guards come. I'll open the door, then we'll find a way out" - Sothe breaking Micaiah, Aimee, Ilyana, Laura and Kurthnaga out of Glaive Prison.

When Begnion general, Jarod, captures Micaiah and Laura and sends them to Glaive Prison, Micaiah and company must find a way out of the prison. While in the prison, Micaiah meets Aimee and Ilyana, two merchants, and Kurthnaga, the prince of Goldoa, who is using the pseudo name of Kurth to disguise his true self. Nolan, Edward and Leonardo meet Sothe and the others outside of the prison. Nolan comments, "Oddly, one of the soldiers let us in the back way." This refers to Aran, a Begnion soldier who is close friends with Laura and doesn't necessarily agree with what Begnion is doing.

Just as the Dawn Brigade and their new friends attempt to escape the outer grounds, they are surrounded by enemy soldiers. Sothe claims to have brought a few tomes and gives them to Ilyana and Micaiah. Aimee and Kurth are unable to fight, however, and will act as ally units in the fight who will refrain from any combat.

After successfully breaking out of the prison, the caravan will thank you for the help and support your mission in making Daein a country again. Jorge and Daniel, vendors along with Aimee, will tell Micaiah and Sothe the rumor of King Ashnard's son, leading them to find him. The rumored son is Pelleas, who is later revealed to be the false son and that Soren is truly the king's son.


[edit] Script

A Faint Light/Script

[edit] Items

[edit] Dropped

  • Discipline Scroll (from the boss)
  • Herb
  • Javelin/Steel Lance depending on what the unit has equipped
  • Hand Axe/Steel Axe depends on what weapon the unit has equipped
  • 5 Vulneraries
  • Door Key

[edit] Boss

[edit] Easy Mode

Class Sword Knight
Level 11
HP 29
Strength 13
Magic 4
Skill 12
Speed 13
Luck 4
Defense 12
Resistance 5
Move 8
Constitution 11
Weight 35
Weapon Mastery Mastery of D in Lances

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Sword Knight
Level 11
HP 29
Strength 13
Magic 4
Skill 12
Speed 13
Luck 4
Defense 13
Resistance 7
Move 8
Constitution 11
Weight 35
Weapon Mastery Mastery of B in Lances

[edit] Reinforcements

  • Three on the middle-right on turn 2
  • Two at the starting point on turn 7
  • Two on the middle-right on turn 9
  • Two at the southwest corner on turn 11
  • Two at the starting point on turn 12

[edit] New Units

  • Ilyana, the Thunder Mage, who will join at the very beginning of the chapter. She is a reoccurring unit who was once seen in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance helping Ike and company. She is now a member of the traveling caravan once belonging to Ike and the Greil Mercenaries and will decide to help Micaiah in the attempt to bring Daein back as an independent country.
  • Aran, who can be talked to with Laura to recruit. He will appear on the map on turn two.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear: (Easy/Normal: 160), (Hard: 80)
  • Complete within 10 turns: (Easy/Normal: 80), (Hard: 40)
  • Partners units' surival (per unit, max 2): (Easy only: 200)

Applies to Normal/Hard Mode only:

  • 25 per Player Unit escaped (Normal), 12.5 per Player Unit escaped (Hard)
  • 100 per Ally Unit escaped (Normal), 100 per Ally Unit escaped (Hard)

[edit] Strategy

With the addition of two fragile units, Aimee and (to a lesser extent) Kurth, you must watch your hit points much more carefully. Keep both friend units as far away from battle as possible, as they both cannot fight and will take damage easily and will cause a game over if they die. Aimee especially should be watched out for. A good technique is to use the target method to keep them close and as far away from enemies and reinforcements as possible. Another method is to use Kurth, who has a very high amount of health, to "tank", watching his hit points. This way your ranged units like Micaiah, Leonardo and now Ilyana can attack from afar.

A fighter to the immediate right of where your units start should be taken care of. Edward and Leonardo should kill him with ease while Sothe, Nolan, Micaiah and Ilyana take to the left and stop the enemy units from getting passed and killing Aimee or any other weaker units you may have. Likewise, Kurth can act as a bodyguard and tank in between the tree tiles to the immediate left. He works especially good when trying to recruit Aran, as he will not counter and risk killing him. Granting Laura the experience of healing him afterwards is a smart choice as well, giving her as much experience as possible.

Also keep an eye out for stealable weapons in this chapter. Utilizing Sothe not only as a tank but also as a unit who can steal valuable weapons is very beneficial come the chapters you run out of supplies or money to do so.

Try to save the boss for last. His long range weapon can inflict a heavy amount of damage to any of you weaker units and can be defeated with much more ease after clearing out the other enemy units. Luring him in with Sothe is wise and then killing him off with a unit of your choosing to get experience. Micaiah's Thani tome can easily kill him if you're looking to do it with ease and grant her experience. Before escaping, have each unit, plus the friend units, escape, as to give yourself more bonus experience.

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