A Gathering Hope

A Gathering Hope
A Gathering Hope.jpg
Part 1, Chapter 7 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Seize
defeat Micaiah dies
units Allowed 9
units Gained Three; Tormod (talk with Sothe) and Vika and Maurim (joins when Tormod does)
boss Djur

The Liberation Army's sweeping victory seems to signal a turn in the war for Daein. However, General Jarod uses his superior numbers to harry the group and threaten their fragile momentum. Begnion has fortified its army with weapons and supplies bought with funds stolen from Daein. Begnion has also purchased the swords of a vast number of mercenaries from these same stolen funds. The Liberation Army does not want for willing fighters of its own. However, most are old men and inexperienced boys whose passion far outstrips their skill. The Liberation Army has no choice: it must bolster its ranks if it is to meet Begnion on equal terms. Its only hope lies locked in Begnion's prison camps, where Daein's former soldiers await their rescue.

Micaiah and the Daein Liberation Army sets out for Umono, a Daein prison camp where Begnion soldiers keep the prisoners under harsh conditions. Originally, Izuka plans to poison the nearby water source, but Micaiah comes up with a plan for Tauroneo to distract the soldiers outside. This will give the rest of your units a chance to attack a smaller amount of enemy units. Tauroneo is not playable in this chapter because of this.


[edit] Script

A Gathering Hope/Script

[edit] Base

[edit] Shop Bargain

  • Wind Edge
  • Iron Longbow
  • Secret Book
  • Arms Scroll

[edit] Info

[edit] Items

[edit] Stealable

  • Vulnerary x2

[edit] Dropped

  • Door Key x2

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Armor Sword
Level 18
HP 38
Strength 19
Magic 2
Skill 13
Speed 13
Luck 7
Defense 20
Resistance 9
Move 5
Constitution 14
Weight 22
Weapon Mastery Sword - B

[edit] New Units

  • Tormod who will join upon talking to him with Sothe
  • Vika who will join with Tormod does.
  • Maurim who will join when Tormod does.

[edit] Reinforcements

  • 2 Soldiers and 2 Archers, where we begin on turn 7.
  • 2 Fighters and 1 Archer, to the right of where we begin on turn 7.
  • 2 Mages 1 fire mage, 1 wind mage where we seize our area in turn 9.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear: (easy/normal: 1000) (hard: 500)
  • Turns (10 turn time limit): (easy/normal: 500) (hard: 250)
  • per surviving prisoner: (easy/normal: 300) (hard: 150)
  • per escaped prisoner: (easy/normal: 600) (hard: 300)
  • Friendly Army experience gained (converted into Bonus experience)

[edit] Strategy

This chapter is better off played defensively, as reinforcements will eventually come and surround you if you play hastily. The enemy also has a height advantage, and the bowmen and magic users will inflict heavy damage to anyone who rushes in too quickly.

When Tormod and company arrives, try to use them as less as you possibly can. This chapter is perfect for awarding your weaker units experience and the second tier units will only steal experience. The same goes for Volug who will make later chapters incredibly hard if you have him kill everyone.

Clear the surrounding area before moving northeast up the stairway and through the prison. Reinforcements will arrive to the south and will need tougher units to take care of. Allowing them to advance and then taking them out from a higher location is effective, too, though.

Mainly, in this chapter you'll want to move slow and be cautious of the long ranged units near the boss. The units outside of the prison cells will not move until provoked via an attack, so they should be easy to take care of. The trickiest part of this chapter is getting your units safely to the higher ground and then holding your own without having them break your line and kill weaker units like llyana.

The boss is extremely helpful in terms of leveling units up. He will get +3 hit points each turn. Using units that take little experience but can dodge his attack like Edward can level Edward up very quickly. Placing unshifted Maurim to take damage and then sacrifice + heal is also a great way to give both Micaiah and Laura experience. This is a very easy and effective way to level up units that are lacking in experience.

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