A Girl from the Plains

Learning the basics of the battlefield
Lyn, a girl of the Lorca tribe finds you, a wandering tactician, passed out in the Sacae Plains. She brings you back to her home and cares for you until you awaken. After hearing a noise outside, Lyn discovers there are bandits planning to raid the nearby villages. Together the two of you prepare to put an end to their planned treachery.

  • In easy and normal modes this entire chapter is predetermined with no room for free will and focuses on teaching the player the basics.

[edit] Post-Battle Story

After successfully fending off the bandits, you (the tactician) and Lyn get a good nights rest. In the morning, Lyn asks if she may travel with you, and proceeds to tell you a bit about her personal life when you inquire about her parents. She explains how both were killed my bandits, and how she wishes to travel and become stronger to avenge their death. You eventually accept, and soon both set out as a newly formed partnership, tactician and swordslady.

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