A Grim Reunion

Lundgren has Lyn and party branded as traitors and warns Caelin's neighbors of their approach. As Lyn gets closer, Eliwood tells her all neighboring territories of Caelin have promised not to interfere. On this note, Lyn and party press on toward the castle.

  • Wallace joins your party. He is holding a Knight Crest, and if you are in easy or normal game mode where the help window assists you, you will be forced to use it on him. If in hard mode, the crest does not have to be used on him, however if you choose not to use it there is no way to get it back once the story transitions to either Eliwood or Hector.

[edit] Chapter Tips

The field is shrouded in fog, making it hard for units to see. There is a good chance of enemy units popping out by surprise, so it would be wise to make good use of Matthew if you are using him for the chapter as thieves can see farther into fog. Beware of the heavily wooded area in the middle of the map with mounted units trying to get down to General Eagler. The general has a javelin and a hand axe, enabling him to attack from a distance with an advantage on both sword and lance wielders, so be cautions when closing in on him.

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