[edit] Hero's Homeland

Altea is the homeland of the characters Marth, Jagen, Abel, Cain, Frey, Gordin, Norne, Draug, Samson, Arron, and King Cornelius in the game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It is where the game begins, and is subservient to the nearby kingdom of Archanea. In the prologue of the game, Altean forces led by King Cornelius are betrayed by the allied army of Gra. Gra conquers Altea and takes the castle for its own, subjugating the people. Marth, the crown prince of Altea, manages to escape with several of the kingdom's knights while his sister Elice remains at the castle to buy him time. While he is fleeing the castle, he meets Cain, who informs him of Cornelius' betrayal and death at the hands of the forces of Gra. Years later, Marth returns to Altea and frees his homeland from the rule of Dolhr. He then becomes king, with Caeda, princess of Talys, as his queen.

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