Ancient Horrors

Ancient Horrors
Ancient Horrors.png
Chapter four of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
objective Route enemies
units Allowed Nine
units Gained Two; Artur and Lute
boss Entombed

With her bracelet recovered, Eirika sets out with renewed determination. Passing through the ancient forest Za'ha brings them close to Grado's border. As they near the town of Serafew, Eirika's fears are assuaged by the lack of troops. But never-before-seen terrors crawl in the shadows of the trees.

While on her way to find her brother, Ephraim, Eirika and company encounter a small village which, to their astonishment, is surrounded by monsters. This chapter is the first chapter you will encounter with monsters, and proves to Eirika and company that the myths told of the sacred stones and the ancient evils may be more than myths after all.


[edit] Script

See: Ancient Horrors/Script

[edit] Items

The following are items attained in this chapter.

[edit] Villages

  • You get the Iron Axe from the village closest to your starting point.
  • You get Lute from the village furthest from your starting point.

[edit] Reinforcements

[edit] New Units

  • Artur upon the beginning of the mission
  • Lute upon visiting the southern village with any unit.

[edit] Strategy

Ancient Horrors is another level that is useful in granting experience to the lower leveled units. Ross is ideal to have attack from ranged positions, slowly advancing and making sure to focus on only one enemy at a time. Keep Moulder nearby in case Ross is injured.

There are two useful methods in getting Lute, Artur and Ross experience in this mission, units that can reap the most benefits from this mission.

Route one is to have Vanessa reach the south west village as quickly as possible, recruit Lute and take out the enemies there to continue on east towards the boss. Meanwhile, some of your stronger members will act as "tanks" in the north east area of the map and allow distance units like Ross, Neimi or Artur to reap the experience. Placing an experienced member on the bridge to block any further units coming from south to north will also be useful as to avoid any of your ranged, weaker units to get clipped form an unsuspected unit. They can then slowly move passed the bridge, regroup with Vanessa and Lute and take on the boss.

Route two takes more time but can potentially grant more experience to the units of your choosing. Have Vanessa rescue a unit, preferably with a high defense, to help protect Vanessa and Lute after visiting the town in the south west. This will assure their safety and help Lute attack from a ranged distance. Meanwhile, the other units will continue doing as mentioned above until the two groups regroup toghether. This method takes more time but allows the ranged units to reap more benefits, as monsters tend to be limited to range only to tiles adjacent to them.

The boss can also only attack in a range of one tile. Take advantage of this with your ranged units and pick him off, giving the unit of your choosing the kill and, thus, experience.

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