Black Fang

The Black Fang is a fictional mercenary organisation featured in Fire Emblem, the seventh game in the series. It is based in the mountains of Bern and was initially a vigilante group dedicated to the protection of the oppressed citizens of Bern.


[edit] History

[edit] Members

[edit] Reed Family

[edit] Four Fangs

  • Lloyd Reed, the White Wolf
  • Linus Reed, the Rabid Hound
  • Ursula, the Blue Crow
  • Jaffar, the Angel of Death
  • Jerme, the Death Kite
  • Count Pascal Grentzer, the Beast

Note: As of Fire Emblem, Jerme had already been demoted in favour of Jaffar, and Count Pascal had been excommunicated from the Black Fang.

[edit] Other Members

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