Celice son of Sigurd from
Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
Name Celice
Game Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
Age 10s (17+)
Race {{{race}}}
Home Country Grandbell
Class Lord -Knight Lord
Level 1
Affinity [[Image:Affin{{{affinity}}}.png]]
Skills {{{skill}}}
Known Relations Bryon (Gradfather),
Ethlin (Aunt),
Cuan (Uncle),
Diadora (Mother),
Sigurd (Father),
Julius (half-brother),
Julia (half-sister)
Allegiance (Isaac Liberation Army)

[edit] Background

Celice is the son of the Sigurd (murdered at Barhara) and Diadora (kidnapped by manfloy) he was born between chapters 2-3 'Disturbance in Agustria'. During the events of Chapter 5 he was takes too Isaac and left in the care of Oifaye and Shanan while in Isaac he brefriended the likes of Skasaha and Lakche (player dependant) and was taught how too fight under the instruction of Shanan. He is also related to Julia, a mysterious young girl that had been previously under Levin's care and also the half-brother of Julius son of The emperor Arvis vessel of Loptousou and main antagonist of the game.

Celice later joins the libertaion army with Shanan at the helm on a quest of vengeance and to free Jugdral from the empire's hands.

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