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[edit] Easy

This strategy is for the "Easy" difficulty. If you are playing on the "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty settings, please refer to those sections.

You've got a new unit in this battle, and he's okay for now. When he gets promoted however, he's going to be a main unit on your team. His name is Rhys, and he's a Priest. Make sure that he doesn't die, or else you'll be out of a Bishop for the rest of the game.

Your starting units for this battle are Ike, Boyd, Oscar and Rhys. Titania comes in in the middle of the battle as a reinforcement, but she isn't needed, so do your best to keep her out of this battle.

Strategy #1: This strategy involves having a Mounted Unit (Oscar or Titania). Titania is probably best for this, since you can waste as many turns as needed. Now, start the battle as you normally would. Send Oscar Northwest, so he can take out the Bandit up there, send Boyd and Ike to the East so they can start taking out the bandits (they will also become two of your best units who walk- make sure to keep them both alive), and keep Rhys where he is now. End your phase. Now, during the Enemy Phase, you may get attacked a few times, but your characters should be able to take it, and dish it right back out. Oscar should kill the Bandit he was up against, and Boyd and Ike may kill the Bandits they were up against. Nevertheless, this phase is easy to get through. When they end their phase, Titania should appear. You'll want to send her to the west, and have her rescue Rhys. To do this, just stand beside him and press "A". This will bring the same pop-up screen that has "Attack" on it up. However, "Attack" will be replaced with "Rescue" (see Notes for additional details). Have her rescue Rhys, then have her move back to the East. She won't battle, but she will be a backup if it's needed. Now, have Oscar get as close as he can to everyone, and have Boyd and Ike take out any remaining Bandits. End your phase when you're ready. Depending on how many Bandits you've taken out, they may not move during their phase. If they do move, they'll be a piece of cake to take out however. As soon as their phase ends, yours will start again. You want to move Oscar into the group, and end your phase. That's it. If you need to heal, heal your people. Otherwise, don't do anything. The enemies definitely will not move during this phase, so now it's time to storm the shack. Send everybody (except Titania, who you can really do whatever you want with) up as far as possible, taking out bandits if they can. You'll want to Rout the place right now for the Much-Needed and Dummy Exp. Whatever the case, end your phase when you're done, and the enemies will be back in motion. Ike, Boyd and Oscar should be able to take these out easily. Repeat this until all of the enemies are gone, and the boss is the only one left standing. Now, you're going to want to pick this fight based on A) Accuracy, B) Mt., and C) HP Left. This fight isn't a hard one, but it's best to split up the Exp. When you are ready, send your pick up to battle the Boss. Once he's finished, the chapter is complete.

Notes: Rescue- Rescue is a skill that is used by Mounted Units, ones wearing armor and Laguz. It allows you to pick up and carry another unit. You are able to Drop your unit later on, or Give him to another unit.

Strategy #2: This strategy involves having all of your characters out on the field. The only difference from Strategy #1 is that you should ALWAYS have Rhys behind Ike and Boyd. They're your two melee fighters here, so you may need to use his Heal ability. He gains Exp. with this staff, so be sure to use this strategy if you don't want to wait until Chapter 8 to start leveling him up. This is one of the only chapters where this is smart, as he's got an okay range right now compared to Ike and Boyd. His Heal Staff range is only 1 however, so he's got to be right next to one of them for it to work. Remember that, and you should be fine.

[edit] Normal

[edit] Hard

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