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[edit] Easy

This strategy is for the "Easy" difficulty. If you are playing on the "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty settings, please refer to those sections.

There are two new units in this battle, Shinon and Gatrie. Both are incredibly powerful at this point, but both get extremely weak later in the game (Shinon can still be used later; Gatrie should be ignored). Anyways, Shinon is pre-promoted to Sniper, so you have a choice between using him or not. Gatrie is Level 8 (unpromoted), and Shinon is Level 1. Shinon is one of those units who will tear anything up right now, but gets weaker later in the game. No matter, I use him for this chapter, because you can save a unit for later use here.

Your units for this battle are Ike, Titania, Shinon and Gatrie. Ike and Shinon will be your main sweepers, while Gatrie and Titania stay back until the very end. So, let's get started! Send Titania to the east, towards the first house. You've got a choice between sending her inside, or keeping her outside to take out that enemy Unit on the first turn. It doesn't matter that much right now, but make sure she goes inside the house eventually. Now, send Ike and Shinon north. If either of them have enough range to hit an Enemy Unit, go for it. Shinon should be able to take out one enemy unit on the Player Phase, while Ike will NOT if it's a melee character (well, probably not anyways), and will if it's an archer. So, depending on who you attack, you may or may not take a unit out. Sometime during the battle, you gain an assistance unit, Marcia. Honestly, she's useless, so if she dies, she dies. If she doesn't, she doesn't. If you still want a fallback unit, send Titania up to the ship in the north starting at the beginning. That way she'll be able to kill those enemies that are attacking Marcia.

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