Classes are crucial components in all Fire Emblem games. They define characters and the weapons they use.

There are many different different types of classes. They range from Fighters to Archers and Paladins to Mages.

Ranger - Ike, son of Greil, leader of the Greil Mercenaries. Proficient in Swords. Also used in Sacred Stones as the Nomadic Trooper job.

Lord - Royal princes or princesses with skills in a variety of weapons.

Mercenary- Skilled sellswords with notable strength and skill.

Hero- Seasoned fighters possessing a variety of skills. Uses Swords and most of the time axes.

Vanguard - A hero of high skill wielding swords and axes. They employ the skill Aether.

Archer- Fighters armed with bows.

Sniper- Units with peerless accuracy. They employ the skill Sure Strike

Marksman - Archers of incredible skill and speed. They employ the skill Deadeye.

Nomad - Archers on horseback. Also referred to as Bow Paladins. They move easier in forests and rain.

Nomadic Trooper - Nomads with proficiency in the sword and bow. Their movement is high in all areas.

Fighter- Warriors with great power but low defense.

Warrior- Stalwart fighters with extreme power.

Reaver - Powerful axe-users of incredible strength. Learned to wield crossbows. They employ the skill Colossus.

Berseker- Powerful fighters able to conquer both land and sea.

Mage- Students in anima magic. Light mages, Wind mages, thunder mages and fire mages are sections within the class.

Sage- Seasoned magic users with potent spells. Light, Dark, Wind, thunder and fire sages are sections within the class.

Arch Sage Masters of powerful magic. Excels in almost, if not all forms of Magic. They employ the skill Flare.

Empress - Sanaki, empress of Begnion. Master of all magic except dark and staves. She employs the skill Flare.

Mage Knight- Mages that have learned horseback riding and staves.

Monk- Magic users that excel at hitting their enemy with light magic.

Bishop- Priests that can easily slay monsters with light magic. They employ the skill Slayer.

Saint - Worshipers of the goddess Ashera. Powerful users of light magic. They employ the skill Corona.

Light Priestess - Micaiah, leader of the Dawn Brigade. She employs the skill Corona.

Shaman- Magic users trained in the dark arts.

Druid- Skilled shamans that have learned anime magic and the use of staves.

Summoner- Shamans that have learned the forbidden art of summoning.

Necromancer - Lyon, prince of Grado. Able to summon powerful phantoms with his summoning.

Valkrie- Maidens armed with light magic.

Pirates- Axe-wielding fighters that can travel across water.

Thief- Pickpockets that use lockpicks to open doors and chests and can see far in a fog. Can find items buried in sand.

Rouge- Thieves able to pick locks without a lockpick. Can find items buried in sand.

Whisper - Powerful thieves of unmatched speed. Can find items buried in the sand. They employ the skill Bane.

Assassin- Deadly fighters that have the ability to kill an enemy with one strike. They employ the skill Lethality.

Knight- Heavily armored knights. Superior defense outweights their poor movement and speed.

General - A title earned by seasoned knights. Excellent offensive and defensive skills.

Marshall - Powerful generals of incredible defense and strength. They employ the skill Luna.

Myrmidon - Swordsmen from the eastern lands. Specialized in swift killing strokes.

Swordmaster - A title given to those dedicated to the sword. Incredible speed and killing strokes.

Trueblade - Dedicated masters of the sword. Incredible speed and strength. They employ the skill Astra.

Cavalier - A horse rider with balanced stat. Able to use a variety of weapons.

Paladin - A seasoned cavalier. Great strength and movement. Sword, lance, axe and bow paladins are sections of this class.

Great Knight- Long story short, generals on horseback.

Gold Knight- Masters of the sword and axe, with unrivaled leadership and riding skills. They employ the skill, Sol.

Silver Knight - Masters of the lance and bow, with unrivaled leadership and riding skills. They employ the skill, Sol.

Pegasus Knight - Sky riders from the east. Weak to bows, but they do well against magic.

Falcoknight - Seasoned Pegasus Knights. Strong and have high defense. Weak against bows.

Seraph Knight - Masters of the pegasi. Wield swords and lances. They employ the skill Stun.

Queen - Elincia, queen of Crimea. She wields the sacred sword Amiti and staves. She utilizes the skill Stun.

Dracoknight/Wyvern Rider - Owners and riders of Wyverns. They wield lances.

Dragonmaster/Wyvern Lord - Wielders of axes and lances (Master) or swords and lances (Lord). They're weak to bows (Lords only) and thunder magic (Masters. With Lords, it's magic in general).

Wyvern Knight - Owners of serpent-like Wyverns. They employ the skill Pierce.

Dragonlord - High-flying masters of the dragon. Wielding both axes and lances with incredible defense and strength, they utilize the skill Stun.

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