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Name Colm
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age 10s
Race Human
Home Country Renais
Class Thief
Level 2
Affinity AffinLight.gif
Skills None
Known Relations None
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[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

ColmFE8Chibi.gif Colm is a playable thief in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is a chivalrous thief hailing from Renais who is first introduced in chapter three: The Bandits of Borgo. He is, however, seen after chapter two when he steals Eirika's bracelet. Seth, recognizing its absence, compels Eirika and company to search for it. Colm is found sneaking into a hideout outside of Borgo's Ridge where Eirika catches up with him. Colm can be recruited by speaking to him with his childhood friend, Neimi, who is also recruited this chapter (though she is recruited automatically). Colm sneaks into the hideout to retrieve Neimi's handmirror.

Colm is an arragont thief that prides himself in his line of work. His theft is what's keeping Neimi and himself fed and afloat during the chaos after Grado invades their home of Renais. Despite his appearance that he doesn't care for Neimi, he has a soft spot for her tears.

[edit] Base Stats

Level 2
HP 18
Strength 4
Skill 4
Speed 10
Luck 8
Defense 3
Resistance 1
Move 6
Constitution 6
Weapon Mastery Mastery of E in Swords

Level: 2
Class: Thief -> Assassin or Rogue
Equipment: Iron Sword, Lockpick, Vulnerary

[edit] Growth Rates

HP: 70%
STR: 40% 
SKL: 40% 
SPD: 65% 
LUK: 45% 
DEF: 25% 
RES: 20%  

[edit] Weapons

Colm begins with an Iron Sword and a Lockpick. Lockpicks are exclusive to thieves and are used to unlock doors and chests. They have a limited use, however, and are very hard to find. Thankfully, Colm can be promoted to avoid this problem.

[edit] Supports


[edit] Recruiting

Colm can be recruited by speaking to him with Neimi during chapter three: The Bandits of Borgo.

[edit] Quotes

[edit] Recruitment

Neimi: C-Colm...
Colm: Neimi?! What are you doing here? I told you to wait for me, didn't I?
Neimi: I couldn't... It's too dangerous. C'mon, let's go home.
Colm: We don't have a home! Don't you get it? Look, just leave everything to me. I can take care of it in a flash, but I don't  need a clumsy oaf like you tagging along.
Neimi: But...but...
Colm: Oh, this is ridiculous. We'll talk later. Don't leave my side, Neimi.
Neimi: I-- All right.

[edit] Death Quote

Colm: To think of it...Me...In this place...Neimi...

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