Dragon Tribe

The Dragon Tribe is the group consisting of Red Dragons, White Dragons, and Black Dragons (ordered via by the hierarchy of how Dragon's present their strength). This tribe of Laguz has the ability to shift into Dragons, beings feared by Beorc and fellow Laguz alike because of their over bearing power. Dragons live for extremely long periods of time.

Dragons primarily reside in their home country of Goldoa, where their king, Dheginsea, rules over them. Because of their brute strength and hunger for war once initiated, Dheginsea has ordered a very clear no-warring policy across Goldoa and forbids any Dragon to fight regardless of reason. This policy derives from the times of the Demon King, who, thought to be evil, would return and wreck havoc on the world if war persisted. Goldoa's strict neutrality hopes to prevent this.

Dragon Tribe
Red Dragons
White Dragons
Black Dragons
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[edit] Red Dragon

Red Dragons are known for their notorious strength and defense. They wield Fire Breath and wield over-bearing strength. They are considered the lowest type of dragon by the hierarchy of Dragons.

Notable Red Dragons: Ena, Gareth

[edit] White Dragon

White Dragons are known for their mystical powers and their magical breath. They have extremely high magic and resistance statistics but lack strength and defense. They are considered being the middle dragons on the dragon hierarchy.

Notable White Dragons: Nasir

[edit] Black Dragon

Black Dragons are known for their immense strength and power. Black Dragons are of the highest nobility in the Dragon Tribe (their king being a Black Dragon) and are arguably the strongest Laguz to ever exist. The Black Dragon is feared even by other Laguz nobility because of their never ending supply of power.

Notable Black Dragons: Dheginsea, Kurthnaga, Rajaion, Almedha (powers taken via bonding with a human, Ashnard), Soren (branded Black Dragon)

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