Eirika's official artwork from Fire Emblem World
Name Eirika
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age 10s
Race Human
Home Country Renais
Class Lord
Level 1
Affinity AffinLight.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Ephraim (brother), Fado (father)
Allegiance Renais

Princess Eirika is one of the two main characters of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, the other being her twin brother, Prince Ephraim. She is the first playable character along with Seth (a Paladin of Renais), the first chapter featuring their escape from her endangered castle.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

EirikaFE8Chibi.gif Eirika's a gentle, kind noble of the house of Renais, daughter of King Fado, and future queen of her kingdom. Having been taught the ways of the sword by Ephraim, and Seth, she has grown into a swift and balanced fighter despite her distaste for violence. She prefers to avoid any type of conflict but fights in the Grado war not only to protect herself, and her friends but to stand up for what she believes is just. Her, and her brother are good friends with Lyon, the prince of Grado, the kingdom responsible for starting the war. Throughout the game she is a loyal companion to her brother, and is guided by Seth, who serves as a type of adviser for both Ephraim, and Eirika.

The princess wields a sword as both a Lord and her promoted class, Great Lord, as other Lords in the Fire Emblem series, Eirika cannot promote by normal means. She requires an item called a Lunar Brace, which is a bracelet she obtains pre-game, but cannot unlock its powers until chapter sixteen.

Eirika retreats to Frelia post-invasion with Seth in hopes of rallying troops from their loyal allies. Eirika is close friends with Frelia's king, Hayden, and hopes to seek assistance in the sudden dilemna forced upon her and her kingdom. Despite King Hayden's requests, Eirika then makes her journey to Renvall where she hopes to find her brother, who is now captured after trying to target Grado personally. Upon being reunited, Eirika and Ephraim return to Frelia to plan their next motives with Innes, the prince of Frelia. Recent news has been brought to the three's attention that Lyon plans to destroy the sacred stones in hopes to see the Demon King revived. With this news in mind, Ephraim plans to target Grado's stronghold while Prince Innes plans to make his way to Jehanna in attempt to warn their queen, Ismaire, before Grado can destroy their Sacred Stone. Eirika, still against her brother and Hayden's desires, makes leave for Rausten in attempt to warn their king, Mansel.

Before Eirika can make it via ship to Rausten, a messenger stops her and gives tells her that Prince Innes, who travelled through Carcino, the supposed neutral country, was ambushed because of a revolt in Carcino and their new allegiance to Grado. Eirika and Seth decide to abort their current mission to Rausten to save Prince Innes. Once reunited with Innes, the two make their way through the mountains to get to Jehanna. The two arrive after Caellach, however, and the stone is destroyed. Eirika is reunited with Ephraim in Jehanna who bears news of his victory in grado's capital, leaving only the remaining generals and Lyon left to defeat before the destruction of the remaining two sacred stones.

With the two siblings together once again, they make their way to their home, Renais, and recapture the castle lost at the beginning of the game. They are given a warm welcome from the natives of Renais and retrieve their sacred stone. While on pursuit of Lyon, their friend who they encountered on the way to Rausten, however, Eirika is tricked by the demon king who has possesed Lyon into giving him the stone. The stone of Renais is soon broken and the only one remaining is that of Rausten's. Eirika's new close friend, L'Arachel, princess of Rausten, leads Eirika and company back to Rausten to retrieve the last stone used to defeat the Demon King.

Eirika struggles with the will to continue her journey, because she believes the body of Lyon still contains his former self, the being before the Demon King took control of him. L'arachel convinces Eirika that Lyon would want the Demon King dead, even if it means destroying Lyon's body.

[edit] Base Stats

Eirika Portrait.gif Stat Base Max Growths
MHP 16 N/A 70%
STR 4 N/A 40%
SKL 8 N/A 60%
SPD 9 N/A 60%
Class Lord DEF 3 N/A 30%
Level 1 RES 1 N/A 30%
Affinity AffinLight.gif LUK 5 N/A 35%
Weapon Level Sword: E CON 5 N/A
Inventory Iron Sword AID N/A

[edit] Promotions

Great Lord
FE8 Eirika Great Lord.png HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Defense Resistance Constitution Movement
+4 +2 --- +2 +1 +3 +5 +2 +2
[[Image:]] HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Defense Resistance Constitution Movement

[edit] Weapons

Eirika will be given a Rapier from Seth in the proluge, indicating her (undesired) use of swords for the remainder of the game. Once chapter sixteen is completed, Eirika will be given an exclusive sword that only she can use. Renais' sacred sword, Sieglinde, or the thunder sword. This sword will grant Eirika +5 strength when equipped.

[edit] Supports

Eirika's endgame will vary relating to her strength-A relationship with one of the following people.


[edit] Recruiting

Eirika will automatically be recruited from chapter one to chapter eight.
If the player chooses Eirika's route, she will remain recruited until the endgame.
If the player chooses Ephraim's route, Eirika will automically be recruited again at chapter fifteen.

[edit] Death Quotes

Brother... I'm sorry!

Eirika's Death Quote

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