Elincia's Gambit

Elincia's Gambit
Elincia's Gambit.jpg
Part 2, Chapter 4 (Endgame) Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
objective Survive 15 turns or Defeat Boss
defeat Elincia Dies; Geoffrey Dies; Enemy Siezes
units Allowed 6
units Gained Geoffrey, Kieran, Makalov, Astrid (from start); Danved (from base conversation) Lucia, Mordecai, and Lethe
boss Ludveck

Having anticipated Queen Elincia's attack, the majority of Duke Ludveck's forces left Felirae. The troops stationed at Castle Felirae were merely the bait with which to lure Geoffrey and his troops away from Melior. In Geoffrey's absence, Ludveck's objective is nothing less than to take the royal palace...and Queen Elincia with it. Lucia, foreseeing a possible attack on the capital, arranged for Queen Elincia and Princess Leanne to be secretly moved to Fort Alpea. Yet Lucia herself is unable to evade Duke Ludveck's agents. She is captured in the dead of night while attempting to contact an informant. Queen Elincia receives the sad news the next morning.

Upon having Geoffrey being fooled into attacking Castle Felirae and Lady Lucia's spy network intercepted and being kidnapped, Elincia takes the rebel battle by herself - leading the army with her pegasus and the royal sword, Amiti. Ludveck has a garden tender open the gates for him and arrives to Fort Alpea, noticing the fragile defenses and lack of the Crimean Royal Knights. With Elincia alone, Ludveck feels overly confident that he'll be able to finally take the throne, though surprised that Elincia is taking control of the battle field herself.

Fortunately, Geoffrey utilized an old highway and is able to get the Crimean Royal Knights to Fort Alpea halfway through the battle, reinforcing Elincia and the small amount of soldiers stationed at Fort Alpea.


[edit] Script

Elincia's Gambit/Script
Elincia's Gambit/Base Conversations

[edit] Base

[edit] Info

  • Calill: Calill is recruited (***)
  • Haar: Physic obtained (***)

[edit] Bargains

  • Slim Sword
  • Killing Edge
  • Killer Lance
  • Killer Axe
  • Recover
  • Elixir (x2)

[edit] Items

[edit] Automatic

  • Amiti will be given to Elincia as of the start of the chapter.

[edit] Dropped

  • Energy Drop (Enemy Armor Axe)
  • Silver Greatlance (Enemy Lance General)
  • Nullify (Enemy Axe General)
  • Tomahawk (Ludveck)

[edit] Stealable

  • Reaper Card (Enemy Thunder Sage)
  • Coin (Enemy Armor Axe)
  • Coin (Enemy Warrior)
  • Coin (Enemy Soldier)
  • Coin (Enemy Priest)
  • Dracoshield (Enemy Axe General)

[edit] Hidden

  • Olivi Grass x2 (3 east, 14 north) and (6 east, 6 north)
  • Arms Scroll (21 east, 6 north)
  • Coin (5 north)

[edit] Boss

[edit] Normal/Hard Modes

Class Axe General
Level 11
HP 45
Strength 25
Magic 10
Skill 22
Speed 18
Luck 12
Defense 26
Resistance 16
Move 6
Constitution 15
Weight 25
Weapon Mastery Axe - A; Sword - E

[edit] Reinforcements

  • Ludveck will gradually receive 47 reinforcements, including Generals, Thunder Mages, Thunder Sages, Swordmasters, and Halberdiers.
  • Marcia will arrive at the start
  • The rest of the Crimean Royal Knights will arrive a few chapters later from the alley way to the east.

[edit] New Units

  • Calill who will join from the base conversation.

[edit] Bonus Experience

  • Clear (easy/normal = 3000) (Hard = 1500)
  • Allied units experience

[edit] Strategy

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