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Official full-body artwork
Name Emmeryn
Katakana エメリナ, "Emerina"
Birthday December 23rd
Race Human
Hails From Ylisstol
Class Sage
Relations Chrom (Brother)
Lissa (Sister)
Lucina (Niece)
Allegiances Ylisse (Exalt)


[edit] Fire Emblem: Awakening

Emmeryn or Emerina in the Japanese version, is the Exalt of Ylisse in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Emmeryn is the sister to Chrom and Lissa, as well as aunt to Lucina and Owain.

She is voiced by Akemi Okamura in the Japanese version and by Erin Fitzgerald in the English version.

[edit] Biography

Emmeryn came into rule after her father's sudden passing, leaving her with a kingdom that was falling to pieces. Her father was a war-hungry warrior, who treated neighboring Plegia with indescribable violence, instigating a hatred that would run between the countries for years.

At such a young age, Emmeryn, much to her people's surprise, took to an opposite approach of ruling. She instead sought diplomacy, reaching far and wide throughout her country to see peace restored. After Emmeryn's hard work, Ylisse found itself in an era of peace.

Neighboring Plegia, however, sought to instigate war between Ylisse and itself, still fueled by the hatred that Emmeryn's father created over a decade ago. Despite Emmeryn's offerings of peace, Plegia took to the offensive: raiding bordering villages and towns and blaming Ylisse for crimes it did not do. Under Gangrel's kingship, Plegia drew its last straw by kidnapping Maribelle, daughter of Duke Themis. Emmeryn, followed by Chrom and his Shepherds, take to her rescue.

In the aftermath of Gangrel's war declaration, Emmeryn begins preparation herself. Chrom convinces her only temporarily to flee the capitol for her own safety. Emmeryn is warned by Lucina that her death is impending. Fearing her capitol's safety without her presence, Emmeryn decides to return to comfort her people. She is kidnapped on her way.

Chrom and his Shepherds rush to Plegia to rescue Emmeryn. Nearly succeeding, Phila appears on cue to rescue a dangling Emmeryn from a cliff when Aversa summons risen archers who promptly kill Phila and her Pegasus Knights.

Knowing he has won, Gangrel gives Chrom an ultimatom: hand over the Fire Emblem, or watch his sister be murdered. Knowing that Chrom will likely hand over the Fire Emblem, Emmeryn jumps from the cliffside, killing herself. Emmeryn's ultimate sacrifice was made so Chrom would not have to decide between the potential destruction of the world and the life of his sister.

In her death, Emmeryn became a martyr. Emmeryn's vows to peace lit fire to the Plegian army, who doubted their cause after witnessing her heroic fall. Chrom is able to successfully calm the tides of the Plegian war thanks to Emmeryn's sacrifice.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Recruitment

[edit] Base Stats

[edit] Normal Mode

Stat Base Growth Rate
HP 42 80%
Str 5 15%
Mag 26+2 80%
Skill 23 65%
Class Sage Spd 25 65%
Level 10 Lck 13 75%
Skills Fea-magic+2.png Magic+2
Fea-focus.png Focus
Fea-rallymagic.png Rally Magic
Def 12 35%
Weapon Level Tomes: C
Staves: A
Res 20 40%
Inventory Empty Mov 6 N/A

[edit] Hard Mode

[edit] Lunatic Mode

[edit] Supports

[edit] Marriage

[edit] Other

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