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Ephraim's official artwork from
Fire Emblem World
Name Ephraim
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Age 10s
Race Human
Home Country Renais
Class Lord
Level 4
Affinity AffinFire.gif
Skills None
Known Relations Eirika (sister),
Fado (father)
Allegiance Renais

Ephraim is the second main character from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and the crown prince of Renais. He uses the lance as his primary and only weapon. His Prf Weapons are Reginlief and Siegmund.


[edit] Character Data

[edit] Background

EphraimFE8Chibi.gif At the start of the game, Ephraim is fighting Grado with the help of only three loyal knights of Renais; Kyle, Forde and Orson. He is absent from the castle during Seth and Eirika's flight from the Grado army, and is first shown during a mandatory side chapter.

During this chapter, Ephraim and his entourage assault the Grado fortress of Renvall. After his success, the castle is surrounded by Valter, the Moonstone of Grado's Six Generals, and his armies. Ephraim and his group (sans Orson, who betrays him) break through Valter's army and flee.

Ephraim, Kyle and Forde come to the aid of Eirika's group during Chapter 8, when Eirika's group have been lured to Renvall by the plotting of Valter, Orson, and Valter's aide Tirado.

After the now-united group reclaim and escape Renvall, they return to Frelia only to part ways again; Ephraim marches on the Grado keep while Eirika and Innes travel to Jehanna and Rausten respectively, in order to warn the rulers there of the danger posed to their The Sacred Stones (Object).

Depending on a choice made by the player, Ephraim will either become the main character and take only the playable cast (sans Eirika), or remain the secondary Lord and take Frelian soldiers with him. If Eirika is chosen as the main character, Ephraim will return in Chapter 15 (Scorched Sands), with the Great Knight Duessel and the Shaman Knoll. Like Eirika, Ephraim can promote to the class of Great Lord by using the Sun Bracelet.

[edit] Base Stats

HP: 23
STR: 8
SKL: 9
SPD: 11
LCK: 8
DEF: 7
RES: 2
CON: 8
Level: 4
Class: Lord -> Great Lord
Equipment: Reginleif, Steel Lance, Elixir

[edit] Growth Rates

HP: 80%
STR: 55%
SKL: 55% 
SPD: 45% 
LUK: 50%
DEF: 35%
RES: 25%  

[edit] Weapons

Ephraim will receive two exclusive items that only he can use throughout Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The first will come equipped with him from chapter 5x, the Reginleif. The other item, not attainable until after chapter 16 when Ephraim and Eirika return to Renais, is the Siegmund, the flame lance. This lance will grant Ephraim +5 strength when equipped and is one of two of Renais' sacred twin relics.

[edit] Supports


[edit] Recruiting

Ephraim automatically is usable in chapter 5x If chosen Ephraim's route, the player automatically has him as a usable unit in chapter nine. If chosen Eirika's route, the player will automatically recruit him in chapter fifteen.

[edit] Death Quotes

Forgive me, Eirika.

Ephraim's death quote

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