Chapter One of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Objective Seize the Castle Gate
Units Allowed Two; Seth and Eirika
Units Gained Two; Franz and Gilliam
Boss Breguet

Tana, princess of Frelia, travels to the border of Mulan and takes refuge in a nearby castle, resting from her search of Eirika, an indication that Frelia is already aware of Grado's invasion. The small group of Frelian soldiers are overrun by Grado soldiers from the south led by Breguet, a knight, who crushes the fragile soldiers attempting to keep their princess safe. Just as the Grado army seizes the capital, Seth and Eirika enter from the south - east. Despite Seth's wishes to bypass Mulan to avoid danger, Eirika can't bear to watch as innocent people are being killed. Seth agrees to retaking Mulan and the two begin battle.

During phase two of this battle Franz, with an iron sword, an iron lance and two vulneraries, and Gilliam, with an iron lance, appear from the northern ledge.


[edit] Script

See: Escape!/Script

[edit] Boss

Name: Breguet
Class: Knight
HP: 20
Level: 4  
Strength: 8 
Skill: 2
Speed: 1 
Luck: 2 
Defense: 9 
Resistance: 0 
Constitution: 13  
Equipment: Iron Axe 

[edit] New Units

[edit] Strategy

To newcomers, visiting the nearby houses can be beneficial. The nearest house offers the advice that castles can heal boots and, thus, restore health points. The house farther north suggests a rapier ought to be able to penetrate Breguet's knight armor.

Escape!, unlike the prologue, is crawing with notably more enemy units than its former mission. Due to Eirika's low stats, keeping her at bay is crucial. Eirika should take most experience points available, but she must also remain fighting enemies one at a time - standing within distance of only a single enemy unit.

Upon reaching half way to the castle, enemy units will appear from the east. This is why keeping your units mobilized and together is important, as to not leave one isolated when reinforcements come.

Try to utilize Eirika as much as possible. When Franz and Gilliam appear in phase two, weakening units for Eirika's kill is also beneficial to her growth. The same thing should be done with the boss.

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