Est's Official Artwork

Name Est
Recruitment Talk to her with Marth during Chapter 18. She can also talk to Marth on her own.
Other information Est has some of the best growths in the game, and is definitely worth training.
Starting Class Pegasus Knight


[edit] Youngest Sister

Est is part of the Macedon Whitewings, along with her sisters Catria and Palla, who are lead by Minerva. Out of the three sisters, she is the youngest child. She is the last to join your party out of the Whitewings, and does so bearing Mercurius as a gift.

[edit] Strengths and Talents

Though Est comes in at Chapter 18 at level 3 and needs a lot of babysitting to level up, in the end she's worth it to do her amazing overall growths. Out of all the female characters in the game she has the best growths, and due to the fact shes NOT a prepromote, she'll outclass Sedgar and Wolf who also have great growths. Looking at her strength is an indication of why she is so highly regarded; it's a phenomenal 55% like Palla's which will make Est a great attacker. (And probably better than Palla, as she has 5 more levels than her to use). Next, let's look at her skill and speed growths which are 60% and 55% respectively. With these being above average without class modifications Est usually maxes them both out easily. This great speed growth helps with her evasion, which just makes her all the more deadly in battle. Lastly, her luck growth is FAR above average at a great 50% growth; this just adds to her evasion rate and helps her defensively, though she doesn't need much help since her defensive growth is an average 20%, which isn't too special, but it isn't bad either. The only bad thing to say about Est is that her HP growth isn't that great normally; in fact, it's only 40%. This is why she is recommended to change into a Dracoknight, where she receives an extra 10% HP boost giving her 50%. If any two of the Whitewing sisters move next to or attack the same enemy on the same turn, the third sister is guaranteed a critical hit if she attacks that same unit. This comes in handy for taking out units with relatively high HP and low defense, such as warriors or berserkers.

[edit] Est's Growths

Hit Points 40% chance of increasing on level up
Strength 55% chance of increasing on level up
Magic 0% chance of increasing on level up
Skill 60% chance of increasing on level up
Speed 55% chance of increasing on level up
Luck 50% chance of increasing on level up
Defense 20% chance of increasing on level up
Resistance 5% chance of increasing on level up

[edit] Est's Starting Stats

Level 3
HP 19
Strength 5
Magic 2
Skill 6
Speed 12
Luck 11
Defense 7
Resistance 6
Weapon Mastery Lance mastery of C

[edit] The Est Archetype

Est began a trend of characters in Fire Emblem games that is known as the Est archetype. Ests are usually characters who come at low levels close to the end of the game, but have outstanding growths and will outclass most other characters if properly trained. Ests are often Pegasus knights, but recently this trend has been broken by Ests such as Nino.

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