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The following is the transcript for Bartre and Canas's support conversations.

The following page contains spoilers that can reveal information about said subject that you, the reader, may not want to discover. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the following subject or risk exposing yourself to knowledge or information that you may not want to read.

[edit] C Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif Oi! Come here, punk!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif W-What is it?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif What's with that get-up? Are you another one of those magic types?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Err, well... I do dabble in the dark arts...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Dark arts? What's that?!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah, well it's quite interesting, really. You see, there are several types of magic in this cosmos. Monks practice light magic, mages practice anima magic, and we shamans practice elder magic, which some call dark!
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Nguuoooohhhh!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif W-What's the matter?!
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Nnng. Hard words make my head hurt!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif I-I apologize. Did I use... hard words?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif You callin' me stupid!?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif No, err, I never meant-- No.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Right. Well, that's all right, then. I'm just going to punch that rock over there until my head feels better...
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Righto. Have fun... I guess...

[edit] B Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif So, it's you again, magic man.
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Why, hello there!
BartreFE7Chibi.gif You read a lot of books, huh? What's that book there?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Oh, this one? Yes... Well it's actually... a rather fascinating excursion into cryptopaleontology...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Stop!! Say no more!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Oh, right.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif That was too close! I don't care what kind of book it is! But you can kill people with that book, right?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah, no. Actually, this is not a dark tome...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif What? Then what good is it on the battlefield?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Well, no good at all, I suppose.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif What?! That makes no sense! Why are you reading it then?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Why, for the thrill of new knowledge, I guess. Man lives for the joy of new ideas, doesn't he?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Ummm...Uhh. I see. See, like, I try to eat all I can after a battle. And this is, like, the same thing, right?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Yes, well...perhaps. I suppose.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif So that's...that's what you do, right? I like you, magic man! I hope you learn everything and stuff!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Well...I shall try. Err, thank you.

[edit] A Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif Hnnh? What's the matter, magic man? You don't look so good...
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Yes, well, I am a bit fatigued, actually. You know, scholars are not used to such strenuous activity.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif You're body turned to mush because you read too much, magic man.
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Yes... I suppose that's one way of putting it.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Well then! I'll whip you into shape!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah, no! Please. Really, I don't think--
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Don't worry about it! It's no bother for me! In exchange, you can just lend me one of those books!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif A-A book?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Yeah. Maybe... a skinny one.
CanasFE7Chibi.gif ...... Are you...going it?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Are you calling me stupid!?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif No! Nothing of the sort!
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Warriors must become strong!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah...yes.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif My body is powerful, but your body has brains. We have different paths, but we both fight bravely. We can help each other along our different paths.
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Why...yes! You're probably right... Well, it seems I may have much to learn from you. I look forward to it...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Nnh. Yeah! But first, wait! Punch me as hard as you can!
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