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The following is the transcript for Bartre and Karla's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif You!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Hm?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif So we finally meet again! Now it's time to finish what we started earlier! Now, come at me! And don't try anything funny!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Hm. Tempting... But is now really the right time?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Do you think I care!?! You're going down! Now, raise your sword!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Don't be hasty. Lord Eliwood has forbidden us from fighting amongst ourselves. Are you prepeared to return your retainer?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Grr... No.
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif We don't need interuptions right now. Why don't we discuss this when the battle has ended?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Fine, we'll do it your way! But when this ends, be ready! Got it!?
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Why, certainly.

[edit] B Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif Grarr! Come here, you!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Ahh, dear Bartre... So you still live. What joy.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif You thought me dead, demon?
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif I admit I did at first. But I did reconsider. You are too stubborn to die.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif I've lived through far worse! We will finish this next time! Remember that!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif You still wish to fight? You poor fool...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif And you! Where is your will to fight?
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif What?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif You're holding back! And that is the greatest shame on the battlefield! I want to fight you untamed! Show me what you've got!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif I would be happy to... But, dear Bartre, you will die.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif I'm ready to die! All to hone my skill! The warrior's path is not an easy one!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Hmm... I like you... You're...interesting. Very well. Then I shall bring all of my sword arts to bear...

[edit] B Level

KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Bartre.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Oho! It's you!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif So you have improved your skills. I thought your words at our last meeting might have been empty...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Never! I will always strive to be best!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Well... That is an admirable goal. With that attitude, perhaps someday you could best me.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif What are you saying! You must become stronger as well! We must both raise our skill!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Hm... So we shall. But there is no need for haste. And perhaps I could help you improve?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Enough, braggart! You're no better than me! We are the same, you and I!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif ...Except that I am a woman.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif I--!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif ...What? Are you so surprised? Surely you must have realized this before now!
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Er... No! I'm sorry! I mean, I forgot!
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif You forgot? Whatever do you mean?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif ...From the first time I met you on the battlefield, I saw a beautiful girl... But..after I fought you and realized your strength, I only saw the greatest warrior I had ever met.
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif ......
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Did I anger you?
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif No. It's just...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Just what?
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif Bartre, you are a good man.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Hnh?
KarlaFE7Chibi.gif I will train harder, so that I do not betray your expectations of me. Farewell.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif K-Karla. What was I thinking! That was the absolute stupidest thing I could have said! What's wrong with me! Am love? Wauuuugghhhhhh!

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