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The following is the transcript for Bartre and Raven's support conversations.

The following page contains spoilers that can reveal information about said subject that you, the reader, may not want to discover. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the following subject or risk exposing yourself to knowledge or information that you may not want to read.

[edit] C Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif Ah! You!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...What?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif That gaze that misses nothing! That gait free of wasted effort! You are strong! And someday, we shall fight!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What are you talking about?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Uwaaaaaah! ...Ungf!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...Hey, are you hurt?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif H-Hey! What's the big idea! Why'd you step aside!? You knew I'd fall!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I believe I should be the one asking "what's the big idea."
BartreFE7Chibi.gif What need have we of chit-chat! We are men who live by the strength of our arms! Fists, not words! We--We talk with our fists!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif If you have not realized this, then you are greener than I thought! Bwah hah hah!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I...see.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif So--gaaah! Wh-What was that all about, all of a sudden--
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I believe you were the one who rushed me first?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif W-Wait! I dropped my axe when I fell just now, and-- Whaa!?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Fists, not words, right?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif H-Hey! I know your type... Cool face and heart of fire! Men shouldn't be temper--uwwaoh! W-Wait! Whoaa! I-I said wait! Wait!

[edit] B Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif Say, aren't you that guy...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What is it this time?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif No fighting, no fighting! Just relax, there. You're right... words are highly underrated.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Ah, I see you're coming around.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif That's why I came prepared today so we could, uh, get to know one another!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Why do you think I would have any interest in getting to know you?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif J-Just look at this, will you? Took me days to write, it did. Look--it's my family tree!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Long, isn't it? About three times your height, I'd say. This person right here, he's the oldest ancestor I've records of.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
BartreFE7Chibi.gif It was because of him, that the blood of fighters was passed down in my family from generation to generation.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Your handwriting is abysmal.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Gack! I...was never good at my letters. Of course, I was kind of writing in a hurry...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Perhaps you could go rewrite this, so I can read it better, eh?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Of course!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Take all the time you need, really.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Yes! And I've got an idea! Might you teach me handwriting so as I can be sure you'll be able to read it?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What!?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Yeah--see, this letter... I have worlds of trouble with this one... Here, I've got some paper... Write me a sample, would you?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What have I done to deserve this?

[edit] A Level

BartreFE7Chibi.gif Ah! There you are! You're a hard one to find, you know that?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...Sorry you took the trouble.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif No matter, friend! I knew you would be in good health. It takes a weaker man like you to fall to the forces of evil, yes!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Friend...did you say?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Eh? What was that? Ah--look, I brought something! It's my family tree. Just, I had some trouble remembering some parts. If I get a chance to go home, I'll be sure to check and make sure. If, of course, you can wait?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You are most kind. I'd be very pleased if you went home.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Right, right, when the time comes! So, we can save the talking for a later day, it seems... Today, I've come to formally challenge you to combat!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif But...there's no need.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif What?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You said it yourself. We're "friends," right? Friends know each other, they know each other's strength.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Ah! True! That is true! Forgive me, friend! There is nothing that needs contesting between us, is there?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Right you are, Bartre. Now, return to your post...friend.
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Yes...yes! ... ...! Eh...?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What's wrong?
BartreFE7Chibi.gif Um, what's your name?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ... ...
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