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The following is the transcript for Canas and Vaida's support conversations.

The following page contains spoilers that can reveal information about said subject that you, the reader, may not want to discover. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the following subject or risk exposing yourself to knowledge or information that you may not want to read.

[edit] C Level

VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Hey, you!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Oh, hello there. I am called Canas.
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Who asked you, worm-bait! And what are you doing, reading in the heat of battle?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah, yes. This is "The Dragon-Human War: An Anotated Chronicle." It's about the war one thousand years ago between humans and...
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif I don't care what book you're reading! I want to know why you're even reading in the first place!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Oh. I see. Forgive me.
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif I can't believe we're fighting on the same side! Who's running this army? I hope they don't expect me to fight for both of us! Now get out of my way, unless you want to get stepped on!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ahh... Pardon me.

[edit] B Level

VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Pfeh. You again? Just my luck to have to share the battleground with a gnat like you...
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Vaida, it has been a while.
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Are you still wasting your time studying that ridiculous babble? You never give up, do you?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif No, I never do stop studying! Knowledge is its own reward, Vaida! By the way, this is "Dark--
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif I didn't ask you, troll!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah. Forgive me.
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Why do I have to be paired with a useless wastrel like you!? It's infuriating! Give me that!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Hey! That's a very rare book! And it's mine!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Umbriel! Tasty, tasty! Eat it up!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif No, please don't... Ohh... Ohh... Why does he have to devour it as if it were so... appetizing?

[edit] A Level

VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Hey, you! I thought I taught you a lesson, and here you are, reading again!!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah, er... Hello, Vaida. I am indeed reading. This is--
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif I didn't ask!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Ah. Well, excuse me. I thought I would bring a book today that you might find interesting... It is about wyvern-mounted combat...
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Wyverns?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Yes. Do you know of them? They are rather mysterious creatures. According to this book, they are all white and normally appear in lakes... And it says that they cry "Scraw!" from time to time. Just once, I sure would like to see a real one...
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Are you... stupid?
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Hm? Was my description inaccurate?
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif You scholars are all bumbling fools! Give me that useless book! Umbriel! Here's some more light reading!
CanasFE7Chibi.gif Oh dear, not again! And he finds that one... positively irresistible, doesn't he...
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