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The following is the transcript for Dorcas and Geitz's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Hey, you. Can I ask you something?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...? Who are you?
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Hmm? Oh, yeah. I'm Geitz. Nice to meetcha...
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Dorcas.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif So why are you fighting here?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Money.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Money, huh? Well, that's a fine reason.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...What are you trying to say?
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Well, it's just that I've seen you fight. You're pretty ruthless out there. It's like you'll attack anything that moves, and you only worry about your own neck. I was...impressed, that's all.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif I...must return home alive. My family is waiting for me...
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Ahh... I see. Then I am...jealous...

[edit] B Level

DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Geitz.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Hm? Ah, Dorcas. What is it?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif I realized something, watching you fight. You really go all out. As if you don't care if you live or die.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Well... You noticed well. That is entirely true. To be honest, I don't know why. Perhaps I still seek the meaning of my own life.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif The meaning...of life?
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Yeah. Why was I born? What am I doing here? Is there somewhere in this world I actually belong? That kind of thing. Have you never wondered about that?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Hmm... It must be nice to be able to worry about such things.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Nice?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif I don't have the freedom to worry about such abstract concerns. Only work and survival matter.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Maybe so. Yeah, maybe you're right. I was born into a rich family. I'm smart, and I'm strong. The wheel of fate spins for us all, and I received more than my share of fortune's graces.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ......
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif What. Did you have something to add?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...No, not really.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif But I'm empty, you see. I don't have a purpose, like you do. But I know that it's a luxury to worry about it...

[edit] A Level

GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Hey, Dorcas.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Geitz... About our talk earlier... I'm sorry. You saved me from a difficult situation.
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Don't worry, big guy. I was just in the neighborhood. Plus, I don't want to see anyone die who wants so much to live. There's someone waiting for you. You've gotta stay alive for her, right?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Yes...right. ...Geitz. The meaning of your life... Have you found it?
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Hm? Well... To be honest, I'm not sure. But things are pretty good right now. It feels good to fight...for something.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Yeah...
GeitzFE7Chibi.gif Let's go, Dorcas. We've gotta work for that money!
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Yeah.

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