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The following is the transcript for Dorcas and Oswin's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

OswinFE7Chibi.gif Oh, and you are...
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Dorcas. I was hired by Eliwood.
OswinFE7Chibi.gif I am Oswin, knight of Ostia. Hmm... You are a well-built young man.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Excuse me?
OswinFE7Chibi.gif These days, I see nothing but tiny men made of straw. Why, with a suit of armor on, they wouldn't be able to move! But you, sir... You would make a fine knight.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif What do you mean?
OswinFE7Chibi.gif Have you considered joining the Ostian knights? We need men like you. Soldiers. Warriors.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Sorry, but that's not my style.
OswinFE7Chibi.gif Now, just listen to what I've got to say first... Wouldn't you like to wear mail like this, the proud symbol of our order?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Not really.

[edit] B Level

OswinFE7Chibi.gif We Ostian knights are the strongest in the realm. We are the true reason that Castle Ostia is said to be impregnable! We may not be fleet of foot, but we will best any man on the field!
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif I hear what you are saying, but... Knights must be of noble blood, must they not?
OswinFE7Chibi.gif Rubbish, my good man. Even I am a commoner by birth.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Really?
OswinFE7Chibi.gif We take any good man... If he has value, that is. Rich or poor.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...... Is this true?
OswinFE7Chibi.gif Yes, but only the best soldiers become knights. And the training is long and hard indeed. But you seem to be sound of spirit as well. Why, it's as if you were born to become a knight!
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ...Please. Let me think it over...

[edit] A Level

DorcasFE7Chibi.gif ......
OswinFE7Chibi.gif Ah, my good man. Have you reconsidered my proposition?
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif Oswin... Why did you... become a knight?
OswinFE7Chibi.gif Why, to protect good Ostia in this armor, of course! This cold steel protects not only my body, you know. It also protects my lord and my people! I became a knight to act as the very wall that protects our families.
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif I see...
OswinFE7Chibi.gif And so...
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif No... Forgive me, but I must decline. I respect your choice in life. But I fight to protect only one, not many. I do this for my wife, waiting for me in Pherae.
OswinFE7Chibi.gif I understand... You are her knight then, my good man. That is our loss, but the choice you make is solid. Well then, shall we be going? For those protected ones we hold dear!
DorcasFE7Chibi.gif On we go.
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