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The following is the transcript for Erk and Nino's support conversations.

The following page contains spoilers that can reveal information about said subject that you, the reader, may not want to discover. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the following subject or risk exposing yourself to knowledge or information that you may not want to read.

[edit] C Level

ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...... ......
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Hey, it's a mage! Hi! I'm Nino!
ErkFE7Chibi.gif Hey... I'm Erk.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Oh, you're reading a book! That's good! So, what kind of book is that?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif "General Compositional Theory of Anima Magic, Volume Eight."
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Is it good?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...Average, I suppose.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Wait! There was a picture on that page! Go back! What is it? What is it? There's something written there.
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...Err, Nino, was it? I'm sorry, but could you please leave me to read?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Oh... I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to disturb you... Forgive me!
ErkFE7Chibi.gif Erk, you dolt......! Hahh... There was no reason to do that. Why can't I talk to girls?

[edit] B Level

ErkFE7Chibi.gif Nino.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Oh, Erk!
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...Here.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Hm? What is it?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif This is the book I was reading. I'm done with it, so you can have it if you want.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Really? That's great! Oh...but... what should I do?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif I'm sorry?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif I'm still not very good at reading...
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...Then... How do you use anima magic?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif My mother... Not my real mother, but then one who raised me... She knew all kinds of magic, and I just imitated her from the time I was small.
ErkFE7Chibi.gif You imitated her?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif My mother would hold the tome and chant, right? Well, I just listened to her chants and practiced them over and over until I had memorized them!
ErkFE7Chibi.gif And But it takes years of training to correctly hear and decipher a chant!
NinoFE7Chibi.gif It does?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif I'm just surprised. You must be a natural genius... ...I have the deepest respect for you now...
NinoFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
ErkFE7Chibi.gif  !? W-Why are you crying? Did... Did I say something terrible?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Unh-unh... You didn't... It's just... I'm so happy... that someone...finally...appreciates me......
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ......

[edit] A Level

ErkFE7Chibi.gif Nino.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Oh, Erk! What's new?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...You, uhh... You said you couldn't read too well, right?'s this?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif A book? Oh, it's full of pictures!
ErkFE7Chibi.gif It was mine...a long time ago...
NinoFE7Chibi.gif So you couldn't read, either?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif No, just the opposite. I read only the most difficult books from the time I was small. My magic teacher was really amazing. I was really proud and happy to be his student. So, to gain his approval, I spent day and night studying, without even stopping to eat...
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Wow! I bet that's not very good for your body...
ErkFE7Chibi.gif Haha! No, you're right... One day I just collapsed. I really worried my teacher and his wife...
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Yeah?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif And that was when my teacher bought me this picture book... He said, "Look, Erk, this book is filled with pictures. There are fields of rolling, green grass, flowers that explode into color, and clouds that crawl across the seamless sky. Training to be a mage requires more than staying in your room studying all the time. You must go outside and commune with the spirits. When you get better, we'll go for walks everyday. Until then, look at these pictures and think of how it will be."
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Commune with the spirits... I do that a lot. My mother just used them, and always said that talking to them was a waste of time, but... But it sounds like your teacher really got to know them. Eheheh. This makes me so happy...
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...You never cease to amaze me, Nino. It's as if you were born to do magic. You remind me of my teacher...
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Of your teacher!? Oh, no way!! Even as a joke, that just sounds like an insult to your teacher!!
ErkFE7Chibi.gif Nino, why do you doubt yourself so?
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Because... My mother said......
ErkFE7Chibi.gif Forget about that!! I beleive in you!! Don't you trust me?!
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Erk...?
ErkFE7Chibi.gif ...Ah... I, ahh... ......Never mind.
NinoFE7Chibi.gif Oh! Wait! ...Erk.

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