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The following is the transcript for Farina and Hector's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, Farina! Wait up!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif What? Ah, Lord Hector. I was just off to do battle worthy of my purse...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Yeah, about that purse. I heard about the going price for Ilian mercenaries from a henchman...
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif ...Eh?
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Usually, they get paid by the battle, with no bonuses or anything. And...he said 20,000 gold is way, way too much.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif But...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Payment is determined by rank within the knightly order, right? At your level of ability, I'd say you're worth 2,000 gold, tops.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Never! I'm at 4,000 gold, I am!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif What's that? 4,000?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Er...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif So what was all that about 20,000 gold, eh? Trying to pull one on me, weren't you!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif N-No, not at all--never! I'd never do that! It's just, I've been underpaid compared to my ability until now.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Look me in the eye and say that again.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Well, and isn't this assignment a long-term one? I might need food for my Pegasus...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Right, right. So, what does a pegasus eat? Carrots?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Of course not! You would treat a pegasus like a common horse?
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Um, it is a horse.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Wrong! Pegasi are noble animals! So, they must eat noble carrots, you see!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Like I said, carrots!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif No no no! L-Listen-- I'll do the work I've been paid for. That should be enough, right? Now, watch me go!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif H-Hey, wait! Hey!

[edit] B Level

FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Whew... ... ...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, Farina! We have to talk...Huh? What's wrong?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif ... ... Ah? Ah! Lord Hector!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif You seem tired. you should rest-- wouldn't want you collapsing on me.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Hah! Don't try playing the kindly employer! You won't trick me that way! I'm not giving back the gold I was given!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif I'm not talking about money, you dummy. You know, you keep saying stuff like that, people are going to suspect you!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif What should I care? As long as I'm paid...Those who think clinging to money is wrong have never been poor!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Well... Well that may be, but...Some things you can't buy with money!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Why would I need anything like that? I must be off now. Murphy? Let's go.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif H-Hey, wait!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Ah...wha--Aiiiie!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Whoa!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Oww...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif S-Sorry! You OK?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif E-Even though you know I'm tired... How dare you make such advances!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey! That's not it! W-Wait--I said I'm sorry! I mean, hey! You're the one that fell on me! That hurt! You and that Florina, man... I don't get it.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif My! You have venom enough for me and my younger sister, I see!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Gimme a break! And get away from there.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Oh, I see what's going on. You saw us three sisters... Fiora, Farina, and Florina, the beauties of Ilia... And you thought to take us all for yourself, didn't you!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Don't make me part of your wacky fantasies!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif All you nobles are the same. You treat us mercenaries objects!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Aw, c'mon, Farina... Man, that lady's got a screwy head...

[edit] A Level

FarinaFE7Chibi.gif ...huff...huff... Maybe... I over ...did it? I feel faint...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, Farina! There you are! About what you were saying... Eh!? Farina? Hey! Farina!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Florina...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Farina! Hey! You hurt?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Ungh...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif You awake?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif What? I...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif You just keeled over. Gave me quite a scare! You all right?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Ah...thank you. Thank you, I'm fine now. I'm sure I would have been fine even if you hadn't come along.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif You're a real charmer, you know that? Anyway, you should take it easy. Just ask me or one of the other guys if you need any help.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif What good would that do? Who's going to help a mercenary like me?
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Would you--
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif We mercenaries are pawns, bought for gold. it would be wrong for us to expect friendship from anyone. All we can trust... is gold.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif There you go again...
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Speaking of going, good-bye!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, wait...
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif What now? Wh-What!? Let me go!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Will you just calm down? you shouldn't be running around for a while. Just, don't leave. I want to be here if you collapse again, eh?
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif N-No! I'm leaving! you're just trying to make a case for lowering my wage!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Arrgh! I keep telling you this has nothing to do with that! I can't just leave someone that looks ready to drop dead any second!
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif Hey...H-Hey...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Ready? This is no problem. I'm stronger than the others. I'm helping you cause I want to, got it? So just you relax.
FarinaFE7Chibi.gif All... All right.

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