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The following is the transcript for Guy and Matthew's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Greetings, Guy.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif M-Matthew!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif You seem well. Gotten used to the troop?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif As much as could be hoped...
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif That is good, then. Now, what shall I have you do next?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif What!? I joined your army, I've paid back what I ate!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Now, Guy, have you forgotten? One favor for one piece of meat, right? You still owe me three Favors.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif H-Hey, that's no fair!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Don't try to play dumb with me. Look, you wrote it here on this oathpaper yourself.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Grr... Demon! What grudge drives you to be so cruel to me!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif You're not one to mince words, are you? We had a deal.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Grr... I'll never give in! I challenge you--the stakes: that oathpaper!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Now why would I have to do something like that?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Ah--ah hah! You're just scared I'd beat you!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Ahh--quiet! If you're a man, you'll fight me!
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Fine, fine, have it your way. I'll take you on, just this once. If you win, your debts are canceled.
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif R-Really?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Yes. And...I get to choose the timing of the fight.
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Then choose! My sword will never lose to yours! I'll show you just how much I've learned!

[edit] B Level

MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Ah, Guy. Too bad about the fight, eh?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Y--You--!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif What? Got a problem?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Y-You're a coward, attacking me in my sleep like that! Your sword is without honor! You hear me!?
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif What do I care? I'm no knight. Speaking of knights... How do you expect to succeed getting taken in by a simple night attack?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Yes, b-but...!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Listen, Guy. There's a story of a famous knight you should know. One day, this knight received a challenge. His opponent named a time and a place, and he agreed. Then, when his opponent turned to walk off, he cut him down right then and there.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif T-That's cowardice!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif No, his opponent was weak to turn his back on an enemy. That is the true nature of combat. Would you stand on the battlefield, calling your enemy a coward?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Y-Yes, but... F-Fine, I get it! I lost! Fine!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Good. Now you owe me four favors.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Grr... I won't lose next time.

[edit] A Level

MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Hello, Guy. That bump on your head getting any better?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Grr...
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif You should know better than to try to sneak in when I'm sleeping. You're really east to read, you know that?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif I-I won't lose next time!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Hey...Guy. Back in Sacae you were saying you wanted to become the strongest knight of all. Is that your dream... or your goal?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Huh?
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif If it's a dream, then be done with it. There are plenty of dreamers with swords. Plenty stronger than you, plenty with more talent... To be the strongest, you have to beat them all.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif I-I know that!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif What will you do when you hit your wall? That one opponent you'll never be able to beat?
GuyFE7Chibi.gif ...
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif When you hit that wall that you just can't get over... That's when you'll realize. You're not special. You're a bit player, one of the masses.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif ...
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif Most people give up then. They realize they're not young anymore, they don't have talent. They think up some excuse why they don't have to try. That's how they go on with their lives.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif B-But I'm different! I won't end up like them! As long as I live, I'll keep fighting!
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif I see... Then, best of luck, Guy. I'm rooting for you.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Eh...?
MatthewFE7Chibi.gif You're to become the best knight in Sacae, right? Then you'd best beat me one of these days. And you'll have to get stronger to do that.
GuyFE7Chibi.gif Of course! I will!

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