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The following is the transcript for Hawkeye and Louise's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Hawkeye! Wait for me...
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif Louise... Why are you out of breath?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Well...I just saw you from far away... and...
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif ...And? What is it?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif I thought you could give this to Igrene...
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif This is... a fine bow.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Isn't it? I was rather taken with it. So I bought one for myself and one for Igrene... Look, they are a matched pair!
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif I thank you... My daughter will be pleased.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif It must be dull staying home. I would like her to have something nice. She is all alone, without her father... It must be lonely. You should return to her soon. She is still just a child.
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif She the village. She will be fine.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Yes, but she only has one father... You mustn't forget that!
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif ...I...will not.

[edit] B Level

HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif ...Louise...take this. I give it to you freely.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif My, what a beautiful necklace! Surely this isn't something you were wearing... Is it?
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif It my wife.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Why are you giving it to me?
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif If I die in battle, give it to my daughter. If you show it to her, she will understand what has happened, and there will be no need to speak.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif That is a rather sad promise for me to keep.
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif She will succeed me as guardian. The keeper of the desert must be comfortable with solitude. The guardian must find peace in it. I know that my time draws near.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...Hawkeye...
HawkeyeFE7Chibi.gif But I have no regrets. I have served my master, married a wife, and fathered a child. I was also blessed with friends like you and Lord Pent. All that remains is to fulfill my destiny
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif But...return to the desert at least once first. Your destiny can be fulfilled some other time... But please... See Igrene once more... She needs you...
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