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The following is the transcript for Heath and Kent's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Heath?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Yes. I have joined your ranks... I am from Bern...but don't hold it against me... And you are?
KentFE7Chibi.gif Forgive me. I am Kent, a knight of Caelin.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Caelin... Then you serve a lord of Lycia?
KentFE7Chibi.gif That is correct. Our territory may be small, but our knights are among the bravest!
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Right. Well, I can see that just by looking at you. By the way, are they looking for new recruits?
KentFE7Chibi.gif I'm sorry?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif I am a free agent, no longer with Bern... I...was not able to complete my term of service... Now I am looking for someone worthy of my service.
KentFE7Chibi.gif That is very courageous indeed. The gates of Caelin are always open. If you are strong, we will gladly take you.

[edit] B Level

KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Heath... Forgive my impertinence, but I must ask you something. Why did you have to leave the knights of Bern?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...Well, that is impertinent...
KentFE7Chibi.gif Forgive me. But as the commander of Caelin's knights, it is my duty to test the loyalty of any new recruit, to learn about his past...
HeathFE7Chibi.gif What!? You are the commander? You are quite...young.
KentFE7Chibi.gif Lord Heath, please help me to understand. The wyvern riders of Bern are considered to be the strongest knights in the land. Surely we Lycian knights would fall to their lances if we met them head on... So why would you leave Bern for Lycia?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...Bern is not as it once was. Our sovereign has imprisoned all those nobles who do not meet his favor. And their fabled power is a feeble joke. The only real strength of Bern's knights these days is in their boasting. And their general is good for nothing but wagging his tail at the king.
KentFE7Chibi.gif .....
HeathFE7Chibi.gif There was an uprising on our frontier, a rebellion of sorts. The knights were ordered to put it down and kill the rebels. Our commander went to scout out the enemy camp. This "uprising" was nothing more than a group of unarmed peasants.
KentFE7Chibi.gif I see...
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Then I heard the truth from our commander. One of our generals had drummed up a fake rebellion to enhance his military career. These people did not want to fight. They ran at the mere sight of us. Then, the famous wyvern riders of Bern rained savage death down upon these innocents.
KentFE7Chibi.gif .....
HeathFE7Chibi.gif My unit tried to stop them. We were all condemned to die for our treason. However, our general spread the story that we were to be hanged for slaughtering innocent lives. Before they could round us up, we decided to turn our coats and run. One of us stayed behind as a decoy, and the rest fled for the border. After that, we dispersed. All have been killed now, except for me. Are you satisfied now?
KentFE7Chibi.gif ...I see. So, Bern...
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Bern is nothing to me... I have no love for a country that slaughters its own. Kent, what about your liege? Would you give your life in this lord's service?
KentFE7Chibi.gif Yes. It is a knight's honor to swear his fealty and his life. My happiness is to serve.

[edit] A Level

HeathFE7Chibi.gif Kent!
KentFE7Chibi.gif Heath, it is good to have you with us.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...It is just as you said. I don't know about the marquess of Caelin, but this Lady Lyndis is just as you said.
KentFE7Chibi.gif Yes, she is. She is wise, kind, beautiful, and strong. She is honorable, and her vassals can never forget the modest kindness with which she treats them all...
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...Well, you may be laying it on a bit thick... But I really do envy you... Finally, I have met a master to whom I can swear my true loyalty.
KentFE7Chibi.gif If you wish it, we will fight together under the same command! I have long anticipated that you would join us.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Yes... Perhaps I shall... I could never imagine that with the Caelin knights under your command, I would meet that same sorrow as I did with Bern... When this battle ends, let us discuss it further...
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