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The following is the transcript for Heath and Louise's support conversations.

The following page contains spoilers that can reveal information about said subject that you, the reader, may not want to discover. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the following subject or risk exposing yourself to knowledge or information that you may not want to read.

[edit] C Level

LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...Eek!
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Ah! Excuse me! Are you hurt?!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ......
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...Uhh. Are you OK?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...Hm? Oh, yes! So...why is a young woman like you on a battlefield? I was just wondering...
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Ha ha ha. I am not so young anymore. I am the wife of a lord.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif A...lord? ...Ah, forgive my presumption, milady!
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Oh, I don't mind! I am Countess Reglay. Lady Louise, if you will. But please...treat me as you would anyone else.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Oh! I am Heath! I am no longer with Bern's knights, but I have confidence in my skill.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Heath, I hope we have a chance someday to fight side by side! And now, I take my leave...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...... So that was Marchioness Wrigley?

[edit] B Level

HeathFE7Chibi.gif Lady Louise!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Ah, Heath! How do you fare?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Well, milady. Ahh... Might I be of any assistance to you, milady? If I may be so bold... I would proudly offer my services.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif You may not be so bold, sir.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Pardon?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Your generosity is commendable, sir, but are you not sworn to the service of another?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Ah, yes, milady...but...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif But? I am a noblewoman, who needs must be protected at all times, is that what you were thinking?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Ahh, yes...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Well, sir... If you wish to remain in my grace, you will cease all such foolish thoughts!
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...But why? I am a knight! I must protect women and nobles whenever I can, even if they are not my liege lord! Are you saying that fulfilling my duty is not proper? That it is an affront to you!?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif You must forgive me... However... I am a soldier in this army just like you. In other words, we are partners... But if you insist on giving me special treatment... Then I will have to assume it is because you do not trust me.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif L-Lady Louise! I could never think such a thing! Your precision with the bow is the talk of the camp! ...The mere thought that my words could offend you makes flames spring from my brow! Please forgive my arrogance!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Heath... It is I who have offended with my selfishness... I apologize. Will you forgive me?
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Forgive you? But I could never even find fault with you! I could not betray my honor with such discourtesy!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif I see... Well, my lord is calling me... I must go to him. But, Heath, we will continue this conversation.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif Please do not trouble yourself over me. Return to your lord, Lady Louise.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif There is no need for honorifics. We are friends. Please. From now on, call me Louise.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif But--
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Promise.
HeathFE7Chibi.gif ...Yes...mi--Louise.
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