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The following is the transcript for Hector and Serra's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

SerraFE7Chibi.gif Ah, Lord Hector.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Yeah?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Isn't there something you'd like to tell me? Really, there's no need to hold back.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Huh? What are you talking about?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Why, your words of thanks, of course!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Why should I thank you?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif You yourself told me, Lord Hector: "Stay in Ostia, someone needs to defend the homeland."
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Uh huh.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Yet, I, in my thoughtfulness, have come with you! I've come all the way here for you, Lord Hector! I'd take a ...thank you, ... or failing that, a bucket of jewels! Anything will do.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif You want me to thank you for disobeying orders? To tell the truth, I find it hard to fight with you here!
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Really! The nerve of some people! I thought you would be more understanding, Lord Hector!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Understanding of what?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Why, I am the only sister in this army!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Yeah, that's true, now that you mention it. Of course, a replacement would work just as well...
SerraFE7Chibi.gif R-Really! Must you taunt me so? What if I really did find a replacement! What then?
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Actually, I was kinda being serious...

[edit] B Level

HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, Serra. Can anyone use a staff of St. Elimine, even if they lack the faith?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif What? Wait! you're making fun of me in a roundabout way! I never! Only someone like you could do such a thing! Can you even imagine the many nights I've wet my pillow with tears...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif ...Nope, I can't.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif I have been sensitive and delicate since I was born, you know! Not that I'd expect you to know that, or care. It might surprise you to know this, but I am of high noble birth!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Huh? You're right, I didn't know... you some distant relation of one of the nobles of Lycia?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif No, I am a full-blooded member of an Etrurian count's family.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif What, are you serious!?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Very serious. You should be calling me "Lady Serra," you know, really. But since it's you, Lord Hector, I've been tolerating plain "Serra."
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hmph, hard to picture...but I guess I'll take your word for it. Where's that count's family from?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif They are, well, that's what I'm not sure of.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hah?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif There was all this talk about family status and succession of titles and such... My parents decided to put me in an abbey when I was still a child. That's why I don't know the count's name...or what my parents were like... But I'm sure they were gentle and beautiful people, both of them!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif But you've never met them?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Yes, but look at me, their child! I'm sure you can imagine how striking my father must... Lord Hector? Was that a yawn!?

[edit] A Level

HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, Serra. That abbey you lived in was in Ostia, right?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif W-Why do... What of it?
HectorFE7Chibi.gif I was thinking, the only abbey left in the land of Ostia right now is the one that was rebuilt when my brother was made marquess.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Ah!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif So...that was the place?
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Y-Yes...that was where I grew up. With children who had lost their parents in the war, children from poor villages. It was an orphanage for those children, too, you see...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif You know, I visited there once. Dismal place, it was. After my brother donated money it got a little better, true...
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Y-Yes, I suppose... We were always short on food. The winters were cold, with no wood for the fire, and no warm blankets... But I was fine, really! I knew it was only temporary! I knew things would get better!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Hey, calm down! No need to shout!
SerraFE7Chibi.gif I really am of the bloodline of an Etrurian count's family, I am! I just can't meet them right now because of issues! But, someday... Someday. My true parents will come to welcome me back.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
SerraFE7Chibi.gif My mother and father are truly kind people, who thought often of me, alone in the abbey... I..I'm sure of it! It has to be true.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Serra...
SerraFE7Chibi.gif W-What! Don't look at me like that! It is really true! Really, I-I am...
HectorFE7Chibi.gif It's fine... I believe you. C'mon, don't cry. No one doubts you are who you say you are.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif I know that. I know.
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Oh, all right. Good.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Well...I should be going. I have to see if anyone's been injured!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Serra! If you ever need anything, you talk to me or Oswin. We're your family, or at least, we are until your parents come for you.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif Hector!
HectorFE7Chibi.gif Right? So, let's go.
SerraFE7Chibi.gif You are a bit...untidy to be a member of my family... But I suppose I can tolerate that...if I must, yes. ... ...
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