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The following is the transcript for Louise and Pent's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

To unlock this support, have Louise and Pent talk during Cog of Destiny.

PentFE7Chibi.gif Louise, are you OK?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif I am, Lord Pent. This is the Shrine of Seals, isn't it?
PentFE7Chibi.gif Yes, it appears so. Its location is a mystery to all but a chosen few... The palace in Etruria will be delighted. I suppose now we must return to Etruria and deliver a full and detailed report...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif What will you do?
PentFE7Chibi.gif Louise, what would you like to do?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif I share your feelings on the matter.
PentFE7Chibi.gif I see... Well, then we shall travel with them, at least for a while longer. I do put you in the most awkward postitons, do I not?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif That is decidedly not true. I am pleased simply to continue like this. After all, I'm with you, aren't I, my lord Pent?
PentFE7Chibi.gif Louise...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Lord Pent...

[edit] B Level

To unlock this support, have Louise and Pent talk during Victory and Death after unlocking the C conversation.

LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Lord Pent, where is the Archsage?
PentFE7Chibi.gif He's performing a ceremony in Arcadia. He said he would make the Dragon's Gate in time.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Ah... I'm worried.
PentFE7Chibi.gif About Lord Athos?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Yes. During my stay in the Nabata wasteland, the Archsage... He would not eat unless I suggested it first. Left alone, I'm sure that he will not have eaten anything.
PentFE7Chibi.gif Ha ha... There's no need to worry. Lord Athos has long ago surpassed the needs of human flesh. He has need of neither food nor rest.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Oh, is that so? Yet if he partook in a delicious meal, he might be even more vigorous...
PentFE7Chibi.gif That he might. After all, a good meal is more than just nutrition, is it not?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif The same goes for you, Lord Pent. When you're deep in research, you lock yourself away from all concerns. Even if I prepare meals and wait, you don't eat for days...
PentFE7Chibi.gif It appears I've left you lonely. ...I'm sorry. When this battle is ended, I will amend my bad habits.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Truly?
PentFE7Chibi.gif Yes, of course.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Then I have a request. When this journey is over, let us spend some time at home. We'll take tea in the parlor and spend entire days together.
PentFE7Chibi.gif Very well. I promise.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif You make me so happy, Lord Pent.

[edit] A Level

To unlock this support, have Louise and Pent talk during Light (Part 2) after unlocking the B and C conversations.

PentFE7Chibi.gif Stay beside me, Louise. We mustn't get separated.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Yes, Lord Pent... That is a dragon, isn't it?
PentFE7Chibi.gif Yes. Years ago, Lord Athos and the other legends fought...that.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Lord Pent...
PentFE7Chibi.gif I understand why you're trembling. It's been a thousand years, but I think I understand why humans and dragons fought. Compared to humans, dragons are so incredibly powerful. Their mere existence must have seemed like a threat... Too much of a threat for humans to bear.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ......
PentFE7Chibi.gif A thousand years... Other than Lord Athos, no one has experience in this type of combat. None of us can begin to imagine what this fight will be like.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif You're right.
PentFE7Chibi.gif However, there is one certainty. Louise, I will protect you.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Lord Pent, I... I will protect you as well. Along with the child inside me... our child.
PentFE7Chibi.gif Louise, that's...

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