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The following is the transcript for Louise and Rebecca's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Excuse me... Are you Countess Reglay? I am... Rebecca. It is an honor...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Well, aren't you polite! I am Louise. And the honor is all mine.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah! Ahh...Yes, m'lady.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif It is always a pleasure finding fellow archers.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif .........
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Rebecca?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif ...Um... Countess Reglay.
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Please. Call me Louise.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Oh, err, then... You can jusr call me Rebecca! Wait! You already do... Oh! I sound so stupid!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Please, Rebecca...relax. That's it...deep breaths... Do you feel better?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah, thank you. Err, this might be sudden, but I have to ask you for a favor...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif What is it, dear? I would do anything in my power.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Please... Teach me how to be a proper lady!

[edit] B Level

LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...So, dear, why do you feel you need my help? You are already so very charming just as you are!
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Charming is not enough! I want to be graceful and elegant like you, Louise!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif May I trouble you to ask why?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif There's...someone I fancy. But I'm just a rough country girl... I think maybe he doesn't see me as a refined lady...
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...Rebecca, manners and carriage alone do not make one a lady. Certainly, I had to learn the ways of the court... But my husband, Lord Pent, did not marry me for those.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Do you mean that?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Haha... I do! I was 14... about your age now, I believe? Count Reglay had gathered as many as 20 women to consider...
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Twenty women!?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif Before Lord Pent would see them, each had to exhibit a special skill. Everyone was eager to demonstrate the qualities of a good wife... And...I was one of those women trying so hard to impress him. They were all highborn ladies of Etruria. They sang, danced, played music, and composed poetry... And I could not have outdone them in any of those arts...
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif did he come to choose you?
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif ...I said to Lord Pent, "My skill is with the bow." And then... "My sweet lord, if you choose me, I will protect you to life's end."
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif No...way!
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif My face as flushed after I spoke, and the room filled with laughter. ...I could feel their scorn, as if to say "foolish girl!" But one of them...smiled. And he looked down at me with the kindest eyes... It was...Lord Pent.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif ......
LouiseFE7Chibi.gif "I have never met a girl whose heart was so clear, Louise," he said, and he then took my hand. ...I felt like I was being lifted into heaven... So, dear Rebecca... Instead of doubting yourself... Show the one you love your true heart. Don't underestimate yourself. You are one of the loveliest girls I have ever seen. I give you my word.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Lady Louise... Thank you! I'll do my best!
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