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The following is the transcript for Lyn and Wil's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

WilFE7Chibi.gif Lady Lyndis, are you all right?
LynFE7Chibi.gif Wil? you surprised me! What's the matter?
WilFE7Chibi.gif I, too, am one of the knights of Caelin, you see... As such, I must protect you as well as I can.
LynFE7Chibi.gif Yes, yes of course. And how are you, Wil? Are you unhurt?
WilFE7Chibi.gif I am quite fine!
LynFE7Chibi.gif Wil, you seem much happier now than you did back in the castle. Why is that?
WilFE7Chibi.gif It might be imprudent of me to say this, but... Something about this kind of expedition excites me! There are so many new things to see!
LynFE7Chibi.gif Wil, you are from Pherae, are you not? Tell me...what sort of place is Pherae? It's under the rule of Eliwood's house, so I would think it peaceful, perhaps?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Yes. It is a nice place. It is near the sea, and the smell of the brine rides on the wind. I have not been home in a long time...
LynFE7Chibi.gif Your parents are well, yes? Do you write to them often?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Eh!? Ah... Not that often, no...
LynFE7Chibi.gif Well! That won't do! You should write them at once! That's an order!

[edit] B Level

WilFE7Chibi.gif Dearest Mother and Father, I am sure you are both quite well as I write this... No, that's not how to begin... Hrm...
LynFE7Chibi.gif Wil? What is it? You've been mumbling over there for a while...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Ack! L-L-Lady Lyndis!
LynFE7Chibi.gif Well, you'd think I was a monster come to eat you! Say, did you ever write that letter?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Actually, that's what I was about to do, you see...
LynFE7Chibi.gif Wil!
WilFE7Chibi.gif Ayee! H-Hey! It's tough, you know! I mean, I haven't been home in five years. What do I say?
LynFE7Chibi.gif Five years!?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Yes, well, a lot has happened...
LynFE7Chibi.gif But when I met you in Bern, didn't you say you were on your way home?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Ah... You remember that?
LynFE7Chibi.gif Wil!
WilFE7Chibi.gif C-C'mon, give me a break! Why should I go home? My parents don't care either way.
LynFE7Chibi.gif ...Is that true?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Huh?
LynFE7Chibi.gif Nothing. ...Sorry for pushing you so.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Lady Lyndis?

[edit] A Level

WilFE7Chibi.gif Lady Lyndis, about that letter...
LynFE7Chibi.gif It's OK. Really, you don't have to write one.
WilFE7Chibi.gif I-I must apologize! I didn't know about your parents... I'm afraid I have been most unforgivably rude!
LynFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Actually...I ran away from home. Together, with a friend... Five years ago. We had a plan, the two of us. We'd get lucky, make a fortune. Both our families'd live in happiness. That was our dream... But things didn't work out that way, of course. My friend went back home after only a month.
LynFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
WilFE7Chibi.gif I thought I'd never forgive him, you know? How could he do that? He quit halfway... How could he respect himself after that? Of course...I was no better. I wandered for a few years. Finally, I came as far as Bern... But nothing ever changed. I was afraid to tell my parents, afraid they'd find out... After all, I was the one deserving no respect.
LynFE7Chibi.gif ...Nothing ever changed? I would think that you realizing your own mistake was a big change.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Lady Lyndis...
LynFE7Chibi.gif It's true, Wil. Sain often told me: "That Wil is such a miser, he'll not lend me one gold." "What's the point in saving all the time? Gold's to be spent!"
WilFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
LynFE7Chibi.gif And Kent, too, he said: "Wil is my best student--the most attentive by far." "He's driven, that one..." "There's someone he wants to please by becoming a knight, I can tell."
WilFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
LynFE7Chibi.gif Stay in the Knights of Caelin until you've reached your goal. But I think your parents would like to hear that you are safe and well... More than seeing you as a knight years from now... or having you bring them mountains of gold...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Lady Lyndis... I'll do It. I'll write them a letter tonight.
LynFE7Chibi.gif Yes. And Wil... I'm sorry for pushing you.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Not at all! I feel like I will owe you until my dying day, Lady Lyndis.
LynFE7Chibi.gif Remember, a letter isn't enough. You need to go home.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Yes! I will!
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