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The following is the transcript for Priscilla and Raven's support conversations.

The following page contains spoilers that can reveal information about said subject that you, the reader, may not want to discover. It is highly recommended that you carefully read the following subject or risk exposing yourself to knowledge or information that you may not want to read.

[edit] C Level

PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Lord Brother...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Ah, Priscilla...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif It is I--Might I be with you a moment?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...Certainly.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Thank you. ... ...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Something wrong?
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif very happy. To be next to my lord brother like this... I have dreamed often of this day.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Um...Lord Brother? ...Do you remember this ring?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Hmm, what's that?
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif You have forgotten... That is too bad. When I was young... When I was with you in Cornwell... You made a promise to me, brother. You said: When I grew larger, you'd take me as your bride.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Yes, but, surely... Priscila...?
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Yes, I know. It was a child's game. So you said to me as I cried and cried... And then you gave me this ring.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif And...And you still...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif I am still a child -- So allow me one more childish wish of you. Please, let me stand here, by your side. Don't make me suffer in loneliness again.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...

[edit] B Level

RavenFE7Chibi.gif Priscilla.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Yes, Lord Brother?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You...should return to Etruria. You should not stay here any longer.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif What? B-But why?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Please, don't make me leave! Not after I came all this way to see you again...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif But, there are things I must do. And I don't want you getting involved!
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Lord Brother! You are not planning something dangerous?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ... It's nothing you need know of.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif It is something dangerous! Then, now more than ever, I cannot be made to leave! If you are to face danger, then let me face it by your side!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You're not listening, Priscilla. You were sent to Etruria for adoption-- You are no longer of House Cornwell. And...I am no longer your brother.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Lord Brother! How could...Lord Brother!

[edit] A Level

PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Lord Brother.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Priscilla... I am through speaking with you. I am your brother no longer. Please, return to Etruria...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif No, I cannot. No matter what you say... I cannot go home.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Priscilla!
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif I cannot bear to be somewhere where you are not! I love you, Lord Brother. I want to be with you, together. I...cannot leave your side.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I see. You...were always like this, though, weren't you? So gentle at most times, until you got an idea in your head--then you wouldn't budge, no matter what people said.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Yes... I'm afraid I caused you much trouble.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Priscilla...
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Brother... Say what you will, I shall not leave. As long as you are here, lord Brother, so, too, must I remain.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...Understood. You win, Priscilla.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif What...?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I planned to get revenge on Ostia for the destruction of House Cornwell. Since I cast aside the name Raymond and took the name Raven, revenge is all I have lived for., I have given that up. ...It is not right to abandon my little sister.
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Bro-- Lord Brother!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif That is all I have to say. Let's be off, Priscilla. You were going to stay by my side, were you not?
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Yes... And, Lord Brother?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What?
PriscillaFE7Chibi.gif Thank you, Lord Brother.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...

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