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The following is the transcript for Rath and Wil's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

WilFE7Chibi.gif Rath! Hey! It's been a while! You disappeared the second we all got to Castle Caelin! We worried about you!
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif I ended up enlisting with Caelin. I'm still just a squire, but... still, I've come a long way! Oh, now that I think of it, did you hear that the soldiers of Laus attacked the castle? It was rough! They even took Lord Hausen!
RathFE7Chibi.gif ...I know. I heard... from Lyn.
WilFE7Chibi.gif So you met Lady Lyndis? Of course! That's why you're here! Hahaha... I'm such an idiot... So...what have you been up to since then?
RathFE7Chibi.gif ...... Same as before. Fighting as a mercenary, biding my time...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Huh? Biding your time? What is that supposed to mean?
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif I-I'm sorry! I just asked without thinking!
RathFE7Chibi.gif It's all right...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Say... Since we found each other and all... How about fighting together? Come on! We make a good team! What do you say?
RathFE7Chibi.gif Yeah...sure.
WilFE7Chibi.gif All right! This is going to be great! Hey, I'll go see Merlinus and stock up on arrows! I'll bring some for you, too! Just wait right here!
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......

[edit] B Level

WilFE7Chibi.gif So, the archers of Sacae, they're all mounted, aren't they? I'd have trouble just staying on... If I had to shoot, too, I'd be in trouble!
RathFE7Chibi.gif The beasts of Sacae are swift... If we could not shoot from the saddle, we would starve...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Hmm... I guess so. I just grew up in such a quiet little town... Our traps were always full, and we never wanted for rabbit.
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif That's why I'm not so swift on the field. I can shoot pretty well, of course, but before I know it, the enemy's behind me... I hate to think on it! That's why it's so good to have a partner! I mean, you're amazing! You can shoot from far away, and you always know the enemy's numbers and positions...
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif I tell you, I may not be the best archer... But I want to get I can help Lady Lyndis... If I could just be half as good as you...
RathFE7Chibi.gif You are...strange.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Huh?
RathFE7Chibi.gif You are so quick to doubt yourself... You show others your weakness. Are you not afraid?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Afraid... ? No, of course not! I mean, we're not strangers! We're friends, right? Allies?
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif Right?
RathFE7Chibi.gif ...... ...Yes, we are. But... Wil... You are still...strange.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Huh? W-Why? Nonsense, I'm normal! I might as well be Normal Archer number three!
RathFE7Chibi.gif ...Number three? Why three?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Well... No reason, I guess. It just seemed...pretty normal.
RathFE7Chibi.gif ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif Rath? Hey, wait up!

[edit] A Level

RathFE7Chibi.gif ...Don't hold your reins... Loosen your knees...
WilFE7Chibi.gif Whoa! Whoa! Like...this?
RathFE7Chibi.gif Yes. Now slide forward, just like that.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Huh? Forward? How do I go...forward? Whaa!
RathFE7Chibi.gif Wil!
WilFE7Chibi.gif I-I'm fine. Owww...
RathFE7Chibi.gif You might be injured... Do you want to stop?
WilFE7Chibi.gif Hm? Why? No, no, I'm fine.
RathFE7Chibi.gif But...perhaps training on the battlefield is not a good idea...
WilFE7Chibi.gif But what choice have I got? We fight every day! Where else can I train but the battlefield? Oh! Wait... Are you trying to back out of this training exercise? Not a chance. You owe me for laughing at me before!
RathFE7Chibi.gif ...Before? ......Number ...three... ... ... ......
WilFE7Chibi.gif See!! You're doing it again!! I can't believe it!! You never laugh, but that whole "three" thing just slays you every time! Why!! Why!!
RathFE7Chibi.gif I'm sorry... ...I will teach you to ride. Forgive me.
WilFE7Chibi.gif Yeah, yeah, it's fine... just keep teaching me until I can ride, got it? Seriously! I mean it!
RathFE7Chibi.gif Yes, I understand.
WilFE7Chibi.gif You promised.
RathFE7Chibi.gif ...I swear on the honor of my tribe..
WilFE7Chibi.gif Now, you don't have to go make that big a deal out of it...
RathFE7Chibi.gif No...I swear by Mother Earth and Father Sky... have taught me something important as well.
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