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The following is the transcript for Raven and Rebecca's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Urm... ...Eek!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What in the blazes...?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah! I am sorry! Did I disturb your rest?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif No... that's not it-- what are you doing dismantling your weapon here?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah, um, it's just-- my bowstring was getting lax. I was trying to change it with another, you see... I'm just not very good at stringing...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Hand me that.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Eh? Um...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ... There...that do it? Give her a pull to see if she's not too tight.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Y-Yes! ...Ah, yes! It's perfect! Thank you so much! Sir...?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Raven.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Sir Raven! I am Rebecca.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I know. When someone joins your army-- You should know his face, at least. Especially in a rag-tag bunch such as this.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah...I-I'm sorry. I'm... I'm not even a proper mercenary...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I don't know why you're here... But a solder who can't take care of his own weapons has no place on the battlefield.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif If you need anything, ask me. I'll do what I can.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah... Scary... But maybe not all that bad inside? Sure liked what I saw on the outside! Tee hee...

[edit] B Level

RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah! Sir Raven!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Rebecca, right?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Thank you for fixing my bow! It's never shot so straight and true!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Glad to have been of service.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Also, um...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif What?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Is there...anything you like to eat, in particular?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Huh?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif I mean, well, I wanted to pay you back somehow... And I'm a rather good chef, so I thought...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Hmph. I don't particularly like or dislike anything.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Well, if you had to pick?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Hmm... I guess I would pick...meat.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Meat! Excellent! But what kind? I can catch fowl or deer, anything!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You hunt?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Yes, it's my other skill.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Well, then I leave the choice of meat up to you, hunter.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Excellent! You won't be disappointed!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif Hmph. She's tougher than I thought.

[edit] A Level

RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif ...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...Good! This is good eating.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Phew! There's more! Eat all you can!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You bagged all this? You're quite the hunter, aren't you?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Ah! You do smile, Raven!
RavenFE7Chibi.gif I'm human. I smile, I cry.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Hmm...I can't imagine you crying, Sir Raven. But you have a...nice smile. Very handsome! You... You look a bit like my brother.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif You have a brother?
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Yes... He left home five years ago...never returned.
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ... ...
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif He hasn't even written a letter. I fear... He's probably forgotten all about me... ...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif He wouldn't forget.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif What?
RavenFE7Chibi.gif There must be something else keeping him from returning home... ...Maybe it's just his fool pride, eh? But, no matter what happens... There is no way he could forget you, Rebecca. No matter how far away he is, he is thinking of you always. ...That's what brothers do.
RebeccaFE7Chibi.gif Sniff... I miss him... ... ... ...
RavenFE7Chibi.gif ...Don't cry. may be tough, but you're still a child.
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