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The following is the transcript for Vaida and Wallace's support conversations.

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[edit] C Level

WallaceFE7Chibi.gif So, you are the one they call Vaida?
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Mm? Who are you?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Wahahahaha! I'm glad you asked! I am Wallace, of the Caelin knights!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Caelin? Where is that?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Tsk! Ignorant woman. Clean out your ears, and listen closely! Caelin, home of our Lord Hausen, is a vital territory in the Lycian alliance of noble houses.
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Ah, that pathetic gaggle of weak countires... And? What does Sir Scrub Knight want with me?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Grrrrrr! What insolence! ...I don't know how strong you knights of Bern are, but... Wallace cannot keep silent in the face of such insults!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Hehh! How interesting! Well, I am ready. Shall we fight here?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Pfff! I am a disciplined knight of Caelin! We are not so unruly as to forget our duty for a personal vendetta, no matter how worthy!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif What? Are you chicken?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif No knight of Caelin runs from danger!! I show my bravery in battle with the enemy, not with our allies! Listen, wench! Perhaps you would like to show me your prowess in the same way? Unless you are afraid I will show you up!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Meh. Sounds like fun, I guess. I was getting pretty bored here, anyhow. You'll see a good show today, knight!

[edit] B Level

VaidaFE7Chibi.gif There you are, you bald old fossil. Still smarting from our competition?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Bald old fossil!? You spitting cobra! Are you trying to make me share in your bitterness at being so soundly defeated the other day?
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Spitting cobra? I rather like that! But victory was mine the other day... So now which one of us is bitter?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif You talk madness, woman! By what reckoning do you believe I lost to your pathetic display? Surely we are not talking about the same battle! I was perfection unleashed... Those lance thrusts were blindingly fast, intoxicating in their sublime form!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Wishful thinking, teapot! you were no prize on the battlefield! I saw you poke each unit one by one with your little needle... Thw whole thing took ages!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Well, all I saw was a big lump of grey flesh flitting about in the sky and belching on occasion! And your wyvern wasn't much better!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif ...Well, obviously, we have not settled our score at all!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Mm. Maybe not... Perhaps we need an impartial judge... Someone with an eye for battle! Perhaps...yes! My liege, Lady Lyndis!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Don't talk out of your rear, Wallace. She's far from impartial when it comes to her shiny little teapot...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Then who would you pick?
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif One of the other two lords... Wait! The blue-haired, husky one is a knight like you... The armor may have rusted his brain... I guess that leaves the morose Eliwood... Is he the fairest judge we can find?
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Fine! I have no objections!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Great! I can't wait to run a few enemies through with my lance and show you what a fool you are! Now, let's get Eliwood and settle this once and for all!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Hahahahaha! I can't wait!

[edit] A Level

VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Ahh, this won't do at all! how could you and I recieve the same score?!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif I wonder the same thing! How could Lord Eliwood not have noticed the quality of my fighting?
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Infuriating!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif ...Lord Eliwood did say that it was difficult to determine the victor in such a short battle... perhaps if we both fought longer, he would have a better idea...?
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Don't be a simpleton, platter-chest! the kid just said that to spare the feelings of the obvious loser... That's why I didn't want to ask him in the first place.
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Ohh! Weren't you the one who said we should have him judge in the first place?!
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif Shut up! Don't bother me with details! Yet, still... Like you said, seeing each other fight up close changes one's perspective, doesn't it? I got a good look, and you actually do have some skill with that thing... I take back those things I said about you being a hick knight from a weak country...
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Yes! As you should! ...And well, I guess your fighting doesn't leave too much to be desired, either.
VaidaFE7Chibi.gif But this is far from over! The wyvern riders of Bern sit atop the heap of all other forces on the continent! You will see our power soon!
WallaceFE7Chibi.gif Hah! I do believe that is my line! By the honorable name of Caelin, we will never fail! You'll taste the power of our knights, like cold steel in your mouth!
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